Campsitarus-- FFXI campsites and leveling spots! ^^

23rd August 2010: I am sorry to say, but I will no longer be updating Campsitarus. More information can be found here if you want, but long story short, thank you everybody for your support!

12th May 2011:  A Version Update has altered mob levels in many locations throughout Vana'diel, which are not reflected here. Use at your own risk.
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Standard camps:

Standard camps are the common sites that parties go to, whether due to the ease of mobs or the convenience of the location. However, because of this, there is also a high chance of competition from other parties.
9-11 Valkurm Dunes (Hill Lizard)
13-16 Valkurm Dunes (Snipper/Damselfly)
14-18 Korroloka Tunnel (Land Worm)
16-19 Valkurm Dunes (Goblin/Beach Pugil)

18-21 Sauromugue Champaign (Diving Beetle)
19-22 Qufim Island (Land Worm/Clipper)
20-23 Lower Delkfutt's Tower (Goblins/Gigas)
21-23 Qufim Island (Clipper/Greater Pugil/Gigas)
24-27 Yuhtunga Jungle (Kazham zone)
26-28 Yuhtunga Jungle (Goblin Furrier)
26-30 Yhoator Jungle (Yhoator Mandragora/Goblin)

27-31 Yuhtunga Jungle (Sahagin/Makara)
29-31 Sauromugue Champaign (Evil Weapon)
30-35 Eastern Altepa Desert
33-35 Garlaige Citadel
35-38 Crawler's Nest (Worker Crawler)

37-40 Crawler's Nest (Nest Beetle)
38-41 East Ronfaure [S] (Colibri/Ladybug)
38-41 Gustav Tunnel (Bat/Hawker/Goblin)
39-42 Eastern Altepa Desert
40-43 Crawler's Nest (Soldier Crawler/Hornfly)
41-44 Western Altepa Desert (Desert Beetle)
45-46 Yhoator Jungle (3rd tier Goblins)
45-47 Quicksand Caves
45-48 Crawler's Nest (Rumble Crawler)

45-50 Garlaige Citadel
48-51 Quicksand Caves (Helm Beetle/Antica)
52-55 Kuftal Tunnel (Robber Crab)
54-58 Wajaom Woodlands (Lesser Colibri)
54-60 Bhaflau Thickets (Lesser Colibri/Aht Urhgan Attercorp)
55-60 Caedarva Mire (Marsh Murre)

59-62 Wajaom Woodlands (Puk)
59-63 Aydeewa Subterrane (Defoliator)
61-64 Aydeewa Subterrane (Aydeewa Diremite)
61-65 Bhaflau Thickets (Colibri/Date Eruca)
62-69 Mount Zhayolm (Magmatic Eruca)
67-75 Caedarva Mire (Heraldic Imp/Spongilla Fly)
66-68 Mamook (Ziz)

67-75 Caedarva Mire (Heraldic Imp/Spongilla Fly)
69-72 Mamook (Spinner)
70-75 Bhaflau Thickets (Mamool Ja staging point)
70-75 Mount Zhayolm (Ebony Pudding)
70-75 Mamook (Sea Puk/Mamool Ja/Skoffin)
73-75 Bhaflau Thickets (Nyzul Isle staging point)
73-75 Mount Zhayolm (Hilltrolls)

Alternate camps:

Alternate camps are the off-beat locales that aren't visited often because other, newer campsites have rendered these ones obsolete, or the campsite isn't the easiest to get to, or has certain other requirements, or players just never caught onto them for some reason or another.

Either way, if you or your party is out for some {adventure}, or if everywhere else seems crowded, feel free to try some of these places. Because of their nature, there'll be little competition, if any.
12-14 Meriphataud Mountains (Hill Lizard)
12-14 Maze of Shakhrami (Maze Maker)
12-14 Buburimu Peninsula (Snipper)
14-16 Buburimu Peninsula (Bull Dhalmel)
16-19 Buburimu Peninsula (Goblin/Shoal Pugil)

21-23 Carpenter's Landing (Diving Beetle/Shrieker)
22-24 Batallia Downs [S] (Lycopodium)
22-24 Rolanberry Fields [S] (Lycopodium)
22-24 Sauromugue Champaign [S] (Lycopodium)
23-25 Korroloka Tunnel (Clipper/Greater Pugil)
25-27 Grauberg [S] (Rock Eater)
25-27 North Gustaberg [S] (Rock Eater)

28-30 West Sarutabartua [S] (Savanna Dhalmel)
28-31 Bibiki Bay (Marine Dhalmel/Raven)
29-31 Rolanberry Fields (Evil Weapon)
30-33 Sea Serpent Grotto (Ironshell/Ghast)
31-33 Yuhtunga Jungle (Soldier Crawler)
31-34 Bibiki Bay: Purgonorgo Isle (Alraune/Toucan)
33-36 Behemoth's Dominion (Lesser Gaylas/Greater Gayla)
34-36 Eldieme Necropolis (Gazer)
34-38 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (Lesser Gaylas/Ogrefly)
36-38 Yuhtunga Jungle (2nd-tier Goblins)
36-39 Yhoator Jungle (Worker Crawler)

38-40 Yhoator Jungle (2nd tier Goblins)
38-41 Sauromugue Champaign [S] (Diving Beetle)
38-42 Misareaux Coast (Bigclaw/Makara/Diatryma)
42-44 Crawler's Nest (Labyrinth Lizard)
43-45 Meriphataud Mountains [S] (Lynx)
43-46 Labyrinth of Onzozo (Cockatrice)
45-47 Bostaunieux Oubliette (Funnel Bat)

47-50 Crawler's Nest (Dragonfly)
48-50 Garlaige Citadel (Banishing Gate #2)
50-53 Rolanberry Fields [S] (Dragonfly)
50-53 Boyahda Tree (Bark Spider)
51-54 Rolanberry Fields [S] (Worker Crawler)
52-55 Uleguerand Range (Variable Hare/Uleguerand Tiger)
53-55 Ro'Maeve (1st-tier Weapons)
53-56 Boyahda Tree (Robber Crab)
53-56 King Ranperre's Tomb (Dire Bat/Armet Beetle)
56-58 Attohwa Chasm (Monarch Ogrefly)
56-59 Gustav Tunnel (Robber Crab/Goblin)

56-60 Cape Terrigan (Robber Crab/Velociraptor/Terror Pugil)
56-60 Kuftal Tunnel (Deinonychus)
57-60 Pso'Xja
58-61 Valley of Sorrows (Velociraptor)
59-63 Monastic Cavern (Orc)
59-63 Uleguerand Range (Nival Raptor)
60-63 Attohwa Chasm (Tracker Antlion)
60-63 Labyrinth of Onzozo (Torama)
60-63 Quicksand Caves (Antica)
61-64 Bibiki Bay (Tragopan)
62-64 Cape Terrigan (Sand Cockatrice)
62-65 Boyahda Tree (Processionaire)
62-65 Ru'Aun Gardens (Flamingo)
63-65 Uleguerand Range (Demon/Fachan/Tyrannotaur)
63-66 Boyahda Tree (Steelshell)
64-66 Den of Rancor (Cloister of Tides)
65-68 Boyahda Tree (Elder Goobbue)
65-67 Bibiki Bay (Catoblepas/1st-tier Hobgoblin)
66-68 Den of Rancor (Tormentor)
66-68 Grauberg [S] (Grauberg Hippogryph)
66-69 Boyahda Tree (Darter)
66-69 Gustav Tunnel (Skeletons)

67-70 Cape Terrigan (Greater Manticore)
67-70 Dragon's Aery (Bark Tarantula/Darter)
67-71 Kuftal Tunnel (Ovinnik/Greater Cockatrice)
68-71 Bibiki Bay (Catoblepas/2nd-tier Hobgoblins)
69-72 Ro'Maeve (2nd-tier Weapons)
70-75 Beaucedine Glacier [S] (Cointeach)
70-75 Caedarva Mire (Lamia Idolator/Heraldic Imp)
70-75 Passhow Marshlands [S] (Virulent Pieste)
70-75 Uleguerand Range (King Buffalo)
70-75 Xarcabard [S] (Cointeach)
72-75 Grauberg [S] (Ajattara)
72-75 King Ranperre's Tomb (Undead)
72-75 Lufaise Meadows (Abraxas)
72-75 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
73-75 Castle Oztroja [S] (Yagudo)
73-75 Uleguerand Range (Kindred/Smolenkos/Molech)
75++ The Garden of Ru'Hmet (Ix'DRG)

Solo Pet camps:
The levels provided here are solo levels and are a little conservative to cater for melees. Adventurous mages that nuke an enemy to death can try out some of these camps earlier than the recommended level range.

While soloing off Beastmaster pets can be a very nice alternative to party seeking, remember that you will usually only have yourself to rely on. Bring some form of reraise, sneak, invisible, and a way to get home.

Sometimes, a BST mob may not actually be at the camp location, in which case you will have to find a way to kill the existing mobs until the BST spawns. Such camps are marked in blue.

Finally, be aware that other higher level players may very well accidentally (or intentionally!) come by and kill your Beastmaster.
19-22 Qufim Island
19-22 Lower Delkfutt's Tower
21-23 Batallia Downs
21-23 Middle Delkfutt's Tower
21-23 Rolanberry Fields
21-23 Sauromugue Champaign
23-25 Ranguemont Pass

Note: At Level 24, you gain Utsusemi: Ichi from /NIN, and a Reraise Earring.

25-27 Lower Delkfutt's Tower
25-27 Upper Delkfutt's Tower
26-28 Yhoator Jungle
27-29 Beaucedine Glacier (Goblin's Tigers)
27-29 Bibiki Bay
29-31 Attohwa Chasm
31-33 Beaucedine Glacier
35-37 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
36-38 Eastern Altepa Desert
36-38 Xarcabard
36-40 Yhoator Jungle (Tonberry Elementals)
40-44 Castle Zvahl Baileys (Demon Elementals)
41-43 Temple of Uggalepih (Tonberry Elementals)
46-48 Cape Terrigan
46-48 Pso'Xja (Tonberry Elementals)
48-51 East Ronfaure [S]
48-51 West Sarutabaruta [S]
49-54 Gustav Tunnel
49-54 Ifrit's Cauldron
54-57 Pso'Xja
54-59 West Sarutabaruta [S] (Yagudo Elementals)
56-60 Sauromugue Champaign [S]
56-60 Vunkerl Inlet [S]
59-64 Aydeewa Subterrane
58-60 Newton Movalpolos
60-64 Bibiki Bay
64-71 Newton Movalpolos
66-74 Vunkerl Inlet [S]
70-74 Bhaflau Thickets

Some points to note:
* When a BST spawns a new pet, the pet will be treated as behind the mob. That is to say, you can immediately pull the newly summoned pet immediately, with no fear of the Beastmaster linking.

* Pets do not aggro- only the Beastmaster will.

* Special thanks go to Salacia for his original work, and Lion heart's update.

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