14-18 Korroloka Tunnel

* WHM recommended.
* Ranged party recommended. *see notes
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Land Worm
* Worm
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Earth

Parties comprised of members that can effectively attack from a distance (BLMs, RNGs), with the appropriate support jobs will do very well here. That being said, a regular setup will still work, although there won't be able to take as much advantage out of the Worms' immobility, although there isn't too much in terms of inaccessible Land Worms due to surrounding aggressive mobs.

Walk up and down either one of the red paths given, killing Land Worms as you come by. The top map is situated right as you zone in from the Zeruhn Mines, and usually has other people solo'ing the Land Worms there. The second map is on the opposite end, towards the Eastern Altepa Desert zone line, and is generally empty, although you will have to be on the watchout for Air Elemental pops near the stairs.

The third camp is between the two- simply continue walking onwards from the first camp, and move towards the point marked "H" on the map. Be careful when crossing the bridge though, as mobs can still aggro you from down below.

One trick you can use to prevent massive amounts of damage to your party is to have your "tank" stay out of melee range, using Provoke to and ranged attacks to hold hate from afar. Note that this person doesn't actually need to be a tank class- RNG/WAR works very well. This way, other members of the party can freely melee the Land Worm without fear of retaliation, and Stonega is contained to just one person.

Keep Barstonra up at all times to minimize the effects of the Worm's spells, and if your White Mage is level 15 or above, keep the Land Worms Silenced to minimize their damage output. As they say, a Silenced Worm is a dead Worm. By 17-18, a lot of the Worms will con Tough to members, so just mow down any Land Worms you come across.


Cemantics said...

i got two things to say, if you got a non-noob party that knows the place go here instead of valkurm, and also if you can get 3 rngs together or so here, do it up...will be suprised how good it is.

redlotusblade said...

I partied here with my ninja when I was leveling it. Very good place if you have a lot of ranged attacks, esp rng's and blm's. I went from 13-17 in an hour and a half. We did have PL though...but still, we didn't even need her.

friendlyrice said...

the seeker bats here are a good mob to level off of as well when you get closer to 20s.

it's a very good place to trio on worms when you're in the 16/17 area, and we were able to do seeker bats at ~19 with a whm. another DD member would only make it faster.

Madeline said...

I camped here from 15-19 on Ninja, took about an hour and a half. I didn't even end up tanking. The PT setup was me, 4 DDs, and a RDM, no PL needed. Excellent exp.