22-24 Rolanberry Fields [S]

* Wings of the Goddess required.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Lycopodium
* Mandragora
* Not Aggressive
* Not Linking
* Weak

Like the Sauromugue Champaign and Batallia Downs, this camp is very convenient to get to, regardless of whether you actually walk here from Jeuno, or warp from the starting cities. As such, it makes a nice alternative from the latter end of Qufim Island. Another big draw to Lycopodiums is that Lycopodiums don't use Dream Flower.

In addition, pulling Lycopodiums is an interesting affair as they will follow you around, like the Hzomits in {sea} for those who have seen them. Lycopodiums here are a little spread out though, and have a considerable level range, so you may find some checking as only {Tough} by the time someone reaches Level 25.


Chuwei said...

This is an amazing camp. Because the poor lycopodiums tend to follow people around, they cluster around the party and basically line up to be killed, eliminating the need for pulling D: And since they're not linking or aggressive there's no worry.

We came here slightly underleveled for this camp (21 sync) and got amazing exp. Even at 21 they do not hit hard (was hitting a decently geared PLD for 30~40ish per hit). With band easily hit 10.8k and a chain #5 gave 490 exp. Our setup was PLD DRK DRK DNC BLM WHM. We're all really glad we decided to try this camp and agree that it's much better than fighting for mobs in the oft-crowded Qufim.

Unknown said...

More than a year after this camp "discovery". I can say it's perfect.
With the FoV it's realy hard to find good camp sometime. Especially for Qufim Island that is overcrowded on my server (Ragnarok) those days.

We went there as Lv23 Party (with sync) and leave at Lv25 (for Kazham).
I really think that is completely possible at Lv21 if you have good players and jobs.

Msthief said...

Awesome camp, got chain 8 300 xp last night. Generally when I have a PL, I will start with 4 then when someone dings 24 find another for 5 total, then do the same to fill it up to 6. That's a good 40-50k xp within a few hours. This camp is easy to get to and almost never camped (I've been there for maybe a total of 15-20 xp hours, nobody's ever been there for any reason other than walking through).