51-54 Rolanberry Fields [S]

* RDM, SCH or BRD recommended. (for Dispel/Finale)
* WHM suggested (for Erase/Haste)
* Wings of the Goddess required.
* Pashhow Marshlands warp.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Worker Crawler
* Crawler
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Worker Crawlers litter the area right outside the entrance to Crawler's Nest [S]. They are a little bit spread out and not exactly in the most convenient of locations, so take that into consideration when pulling.

Other than that though, everything is as normal. Bear in mind that it is slightly faster if you warped to the Passhow Marshlands [S] and then walked from there, as opposed to walking from Rolanberry Fields [S] itself.


Lurkakitty said...

Just did this camp with RDM SCH (me) BRD NIN MNK DRG and got amazing exp for being stuck in the 51 rut. The BRD and DRG had to go at one point so we replaced with another BRD and MNK and kept on trucking.

traihugo said...

We tried this camp out at level 50 with WAR DRG MNK DNC RDM BRD. Is not worth coming here at level 50. Fights were really long. This camp really started to shine in our setup at level 52-53 when our group started to pick up between 8-10k/hour. At level 51 it was manageable, but would recommend a NIN or PLD tank. Exp was still good when our MNK dinged 54. This is a decent "bridge" camp between Citadel and Colibri. Try to stay in Citadel until 51 though.

Unknown said...

lvl 53 party with PLD BLU THF RNG RDM BLM was ok. DD was a bit low, and hate was an issue for the BLM. BRD or COR in place of BLU and a DRG in place of the RNG would have made the PT magic.

Ecaroh said...

I use these forms to identify soloing spots by using the normal progression -10 levels or less.

I tried the Rolandberry[S] crawlers this weekend.

This is a superb area. /cheer I have abused the ladybugs in Ronfure[S] while leveling Sam and DNC 45ish-60ish. Since Campaign is not as viable as it use to be I went looking for a new higher solo spot and I love this camp. I didnt go all the way to the front of crawlers nest yet. I ran down from the Rolandberry campaign warp area and stopped on the first "hill" area on the west side, near first curve back toward the SE. I was checking the grapevine areas and found some on the hill there. You have to be carefull of the slugs and a stray goblin if you move around to far but I got about 5K xp per hour solo with xp band. There is a fairy that roams the area also and was helpfull as well.

GL Ecaroh of Phoenix.

Ecaroh said...

PS it was position F-8 ish.

Ecaroh said...

Dont know how to edit my post so sorry for the PSs.

I was MNK/DNC level 62 and after 2x xp band I hit lvl 63 last night. Ill probably hang out there through 63 and maybe try to pick on the slugs at that point. I did fight a slug yesterday by accident. I saw the antennee over a hill, targeted it and ran on attack/autofollow (while watching TV) and was like OH CRAP. But it went down. Got 135xp with band on. No two hour or anything needed. Ended up with 8 kindered seals as a bonus too. :)


Linoth said...

@ecaroh: I used that camp to solo DRG for a while, too. Not sure how well it would work for a party, since there's only a handful of widely spaced spawns. The Goblin's path is predictable once you know it, and there's a couple of spawns that can turn into a link if the puller is careless. The fairy also shouldn't be counted on. Her path is as predictable as the goblin's, and the pops are scattered all over and far from it.

A lot of silk threads though.