12-14 Meriphataud Mountains

* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Hill Lizard
* Lizard
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Wind

It is recommended that you set your homepoint at the gate guard by the zone to the Tahrongi Canyon. In the event you die, you can just homepoint and continue from where you left off. At this level, you only lose 250xp or so from a homepoint, and in the time it will take your party to find someone who can Raise, and rest off weakness (5 minutes), you would've gotten more xp just by homepointing and walking back to camp.

Camp at the first rock bridge, and pull the lizards from both sides. Be sure not to fall down onto the road below though, since it's a bit of a walk back up. Like the Valkurm Dunes, keep the Lizard away from the mages, because of Fireball.


Ayrlie said...

there is another camp near the outpost. everyone will need silent oils and prism powders to access this camp, however.

from 15-17 you can chain stag beetles and crane flies in that area

Goobbue said...

H-4 has about 6 lizards and 5 flies. Great for the Fields of Valor page 2 for solo or duo between lv 20-22. Also decent for a full party camp. There is 1 goblin.