Basic Party dynamics

First off, let me start by saying that this is not a campsite compilation for newer players. All the camps here assume that players know what they are doing, know how to construct a proper party, are decently equipped, and are familiar with party dynamics.

If you are a new(ish) player, there are several resources online that detail out specific aspects of party dynamics, here are the basics:

Building a party:
* Parties generally consist of six members- a tank, two melees who can skillchain together, and three mages, generally divided into a healer, a supporter, and a more offensive role.
* While the mage line is pretty flexible, the melee are fairly rigid.
* Aden's Renkei diagram, the best skillchain chart out there, can be found here.
* "Blind invites" (inviting somebody without asking in /tell first) are considered extremely rude, and will generally be declined. Be polite, and ask first.

Looking for a party:
* Enter your search comment by opening the menu: Search → Edit Comment.
* 〇 means "Yes", × means "No".

Important details are:
* The amount of xp you need before leveling up (your "xp to next level (tnl)")
* The areas you can/cannot access (this isn't really relevant until later).
* The subjobs you have available.

Party etiquette:
* Please do not harrass White Mages for Raises. Be prepared with Reraise items, or be patient if a White Mage from another party does take the time off to come raise your fallen member(s).
* Do not camp on top of other parties. If the place is crowded, move to a different camp.
* If you must go AFK (Away From Keyboard) for any period of time, let the party know in /party chat before the puller pulls a mob. Keep your away times short, or disband if you must go for a long time.
* While there will usually be a mage to cast Sneak and Invisible to move through dangerous zones, sometimes this will not be possible. Bring the necessary Silent Oils and Prism Powders with you.
* If you want to disband the party, please let the leader know well in advance (15~30 minutes)

English parties:
* Often replaces party members who need to go.
* When replacing a party member, be sure to check with all other members how long they can stay for, and make sure that your replacement fulfills the same party role as you.
* Generally head down to the campsite first.

Japanese parties:
* Generally do not replace party members. If someone needs to go, the party disbands.
* Because one person's departure means the end of the party, people are expected to stay for roughly two hours once at camp.
* Gather at the Signet, or the nearest convenient location in town, before moving as a group.
* Before riding a chocobo, everyone will target the stablemaster to lock in a price, but not ride. Once everyone has gathered around the chocobo, someone will say "のります", "乗ります", or "norimasu", all of which mean "ride", before everyone hops on the chocobo simultaneously.


Nathan said...

First of all, great site.

I think what you've said about the components of a party needs further explanation. One tank, two melee, and three mages is not an adequate party building guideline. There are different types of parties, and certain jobs that work well together to fill roles.

If you're making a mana burn party, you can make a very good party with a tank and a thief, and all casters. Pld tank works best in this format. The thief helps keep hate on the tank, the pld and thf can do a skillchain which the casters can burst on, and if your main healer is a rdm, he can burst on it too. Rdm is very helpful in mana burn parties for refresh. A pld, rdm, thf, blmx3 can make an amazing mana burn party. Exchanging for a blu, who can solo skillchain, or a brd for ballad are also good mana-burn party formats.

Likewise if you're making a tp burn party, the format would be completely different. A non caster tank would work better, like a war/nin. And you would want more melee's, sam and mnk work well. With a couple dnc's healing instead of a magic healer, you can take out the need for any magic. And of course, brd makes everything better. A war/nin, brd/whm, dncx2, samx2 is an amazing and secure tp burn party, and has only the brd/whm with any mp. If the party flows well, they could try dropping a dnc for another dd, but this can be dangerous, as dnc are not considered as powerful healers as whm, sch, or rdm.

A specialized party (mp burn, tp burn) can work more efficiently than a party with divided power sources, especially with a focused support job like brd or cor. It allows the supporter to give the same benefits to the entire party, instead of focusing ballad/evoker's roll on the mages, and march/samurai roll on the melee's.

There are other party types besides the two i've listed. Mp burn and tp burn seem to work best, but others deserve note. A pet party can work amazingly well. Six bst's, with varying sub jobs (at least one /whm is essential, two is safer, three is secure) can roll out like an army. This can work well with a mix of bst, pup, and smn, though a smn party generally requires a refresher. smnx5 + brd is just as amazing as it sounds.

You should keep your party format in mind when creating a party, or when selecting your replacement. You may think that because you are a dd, any dd job will do in replacing you. The truth is that certain jobs fit better with certain party formats, and the leader may want to stick to a particular party build. But don't let this discourage you, even the most misfit party can do well and excel with skilled players.

Faith019 said...

I think what you've said about the Mana burn parties is a little off.

In my experience (im WHM/BLM and visa versa) You have 5 BLM (or possibly RDM for Gravity/Refresh) to a party with one THF/RNG or a different competant pulling job. (BRD is good for Sleep songs, to stack mobs ready, and Mage's ballad)

Have all the Mage jobs stand in a big circle, The puller pulls the mob into the centre, and then the BLM/RDM start Nuking, The mob will take agro from all sides, when it runs towards one side, that side stops casting....when it runs towards the other, they stop casting.

This keeps the mob running around and generally everyone either takes a little amount of damage each, or none at all.

Ive found this to be great XP p/h with Book Refresh and good HMP gear so there is little downtime. And ofcourse, Find yourself a good puller, Otherwise it wont work out to well lol.