Inspired by AmbroseOdin's post down on the Allakazham forums, I decided to start keeping track of the parties and campsites of note, in the hopes that this information will benefit those who are wondering just where they should do and xp.

From a humble compilation which I started at the beginning of November 2005, this website has since grown to a much larger collection than I originally anticipated, with roughly a thousand visitors a day!

For obvious reasons, thanks to Hsui and co. over at the Vana'diel Atlas for not only providing the maps that are used in this compilation, but for also helping me with the publicity by first linking to me! ^^ As you might've noticed, all the maps here are provided by the Vana'diel Atlas, so go say {Hello!} to them! ^^

Many thanks to all the bloggers out there who have given me feedback, and have taken it upon themselves to also link the campsitarus blog, and spreading the word. In game, thank you to all those who saw any of my advertisements in the various forums, and have also started spreading the word around, not to mention all those on Odin who have sent me /tells, thanking me for this website! {/grin}

Sorry to people I forgot tho...I don't remember everybody who has contributed to this! >_<

UPDATE (23rd August 2010):
I have decided to stop updating Campsitarus, for several reasons, but more importantly, because the dynamics of the game have changed since Campsitarus was first set up.

The advent of Level Sync, for example, means that instead of fitting the camp to the party, players are now able to fit the party to the camp. Thus, there is no longer a need to look up the correct camp for your party level. Previously, one would have to search for all players within a narrow level band (say, 64-66) and after that, find a suitable camp to go to. Notice that today, this routine has reversed. Now, players pick a camp (like East Ronfaure [S]), build a party from (almost) any range of player levels, find a level sync and carry on from there.

In addition, when Campsitarus was first created, 6-player parties were the sole way of gaining experience points and leveling up characters. Today, players have Fields of Valor, and more importantly, Moblin Maze Mongers that provide a suitable camp, tailored to the party's level, thus diminishing the need for a specific camp.

Finally, the level cap increase introduced a wealth of new camps through Abyssea, but the dynamics are very different from a 6-man party, and are much more flexible. Don't get me wrong- Abyssea was fantastic for the game, but fact of the matter is, the importance of "traditional xp PT" camps have diminished as a result.

These factors, along with some others, have led me to stop updating Campsitarus for some time now, and perhaps this website has outlived its usefulness as a resource. Still, it would never have become what it had without the support of the players, the people behind the characters that selflessly used and promoted this website.

So to everybody, {Thank you!} for your support over the last five years, and best wishes in Vana'diel!

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