21-23 Carpenter's Landing

* Chains of Promathia required.
* Instant Warp scrolls highly recommended.
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Diving Beetle
* Beetle
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light

Primary: Shrieker
* Funguar
* Aggro to Sound
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Water
* Very Strong against Darkness

Enter Carpenter's Landing from (J-8) of the Jugner Forest. It's probably a good idea to come here by chocobo too, exiting from the Upper Jeuno stables.

It's a little difficult to pinpoint exactly where the three camps are on the map, but essentially, you are camping just next to one of the various rooms in the underground section of Carpenter's Landing.

From top to bottom, the camps are basically where the cave exits into open air, the tunnel near the ??? for the Mycophile Cuffs, and just south of the Goblin Footprint.

None of these camps are particularly "safe" in that there are still some things to watch out for, in particular repops and Shrieker aggro. To avoid the Shriekers completely (which I prefer), take the north-most camp, although you'll have to watch out for a Spunkie (magic aggro) that occasionally pops fairly closeby, as well as a Sabertooth Tiger than occasionally passes through the area.

Despite all that, this is a good alternative to Qufim Island, as the Diving Beetles don't have any moves like Screwdriver that could potentially one-shot your tank. If your party intends on fighting Shriekers (the middle and lower camps), be sure to bring along a White Mage for the various -na spells (Blindna, Paralyna, Poisona and Silena will be needed).

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