19-22 Qufim Island

* Beware of undead at night. (20:00 → 04:00)
* Supports 2 parties.

Fields of Valor:
(F-6), (I-8)
Page 1: 9x Clipper, 1x Land Worm (630xp/gil)

Target mobs:
Primary: Land Worm (19-21)
* Worm
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Earth

Primary: Clipper (20-22)
* Crab
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Strong against Water

For the same reasons as previous Worm camps in Korroloka Tunnel and the Maze of Shakhrami, a Ranger (or Black Mage) party could easily focus on just the Worms here and take them apart. Remember to Silence Land Worms- as they say, a Silenced Worm is a dead Worm.

There are two main camps- the area just by the gate guard where the tunnel opens up, and the pond further down the road.

The gate guard camp has a few Land Worm spawns that you need to be aware of, as the Land Worms are aggressive here. There is a Wight that spawns a little ways out of camp at night, but close enough that you may get blood aggro if you are not careful.

The pond camp is personally my preferred camp between the two, as there are plenty of Land Worms around such that you can simply run from one to another. The problem with the pond is that Banshees and Wights spawn in the area at night, making things difficult during that time.


Raymond said...

The Pond camp is now very Dangerous for Square Enix has 'put' a Goblin by the Name: Goblin Bounty Hunter. It is IT++ for those who are Leveling @ that spot. So that means all day you have IT++ Goblin and at night, you have the Undeads.

Ayrlie said...

they nerfed the level of that goblin since it was added. that goblin is often used as a secondary mob on the lake camp.

Alex said...

The goblin is no longer super strong fortunately, now it cons at easy prey to just about any 19-20 party here.

If you are the only party here with a good DD set up and PL you can easily get up to 12k-15k an hour on worms at level 20. Considering that you're full of experienced players as well.

Without a good setup you'll be fortunate to get more than 8k /hr here and if there is more than one other party here, even less.

I went from 32 to 41 here on level synch in 3 1/2 hours.

Richard said...

I've always started at the pond at lvl 17, nice to have a whm to open w/ silence on the worm. Like to throw a brd or cor in the mix, and fill the rest of slot up with heavy hitters. Really quick experience here if you have good players.