31-34 Bibiki Bay: Purgonorgo Isle

* All party members require Chains of Promathia.
* Long time to get to camp.
* Instant Warp scrolls highly recommended.
* Key Item: Manaclipper ticket required (can obtain on-site).
* Supports 2+ parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Alraune (31-34)
* Mandragora
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Piercing weapons
* Weak against Wind
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Thunder
* Weak against Darkness
* Strong against Light

Primary: Toucan (31-34)
* Bird
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak against Piercing weapons
* Weak against Ice
* Strong against Wind

Secondary: Coastal Opo-opo (31-32)
* Opo-opo
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Ice

As mentioned above, it takes quite a while to get to camp, so be sure people can stay for a long time to make the trip worthwhile! The good news is that because of this, this camp is almost never taken. Be sure to bring a scroll of Instant Warp each though, otherwise you'll find getting back to town will be even more of a chore. ^^

You will need to head down to Bibiki Bay and purchase a ticket to ride the Manaclipper over to Purgonorgo Isle. Be warned that not every manaclipper boat goes to Purgonorgo Isle, so be sure to check with the Mithra that's conveniently standing on the jetty just where the next manaclipper will go to.

You will also need a Manaclipper ticket to board the manaclipper, lest you be unceremoniously booted and left behind on shore as the rest of your party members sail off into the distance. Manaclippers are not frequent, and you could be stuck waiting over fifteen minutes for the next one to arrive, so don't forget your tickets! >_<

Once on Purgonorgo Isle, your main xp target will be the Alraunes. They have all the abilities of a normal (white) Mandragora, including Dream Flower. They are a little spaced out, so if you want to focus on just killing Alraunes, Widescan is useful, but not necessary due to the number of mobs in the area you can xp off. Alraunes respawn every five minutes though, so supply should be plentiful.

Coastal Opo-opos are an okay filler, and are noticeably weaker than the Alraunes once a member hits Level 33. They have a rather painful AoE attack, and can also Dispel a single buff off a single target, so have your healers vigilant on keeping buffs up. Fortunately, they don't spam their dispel very often, so it's not too much of a pain to just reapply, but they aren't the most pleasant of xp mobs, at least compared to what you have available.

Also note that there are a lot of other potential campsites in Purgonorgo Isle, just that nobody's gotten around to finding them yet. So, if you feel like exploring a little, try camping somewhere else on the island. ^^


blackthanos said...

Hi. I found your guide very helpful since some friends and I were looking to party on the isle. On a side note though. We basically got raped when we tried to fight a Coastal Opo-opo. Now we were all around lvl 28 so maybe that had something to do with it, but I just thought I'd let you know. Other than that everything went exactly as planned. As a side note, if you have a party member that wants to fight the poisonous shell monster on the boat. Kill HIM instead..lol.


Aerroenu said...

Heya, Tuufless! I was in said PT with Blackthanos, NIN30, NIN31, WHM29, THF32, RDM31, and SAM30. The mobs here are a tad bit on the tough side for a PT with duo-NIN tanks because of the Alraune's MNK-style fighting and the Coastal Opo-opo's AoE (which I dun recall if it hits underneath shadows or not like some of the Toucan moves).

I strongly discourage PTs from going to Purgonorgo Isle until at least all members are Lv. 30 and one member is a 33. Keep at it near the Manaclipper dock and EXP chain the Dhalmel and Ravens (and Rarab, if you were adventurous enough to take those on) until then.

Dj Statik said...

I just recently finished party on the Isle and it went perfect. In fact it went so well none of us wanted to leave but exp was dropping off as a few members hit 35.

My reason for pulling everyone out there was that with the recent expansion, the Dancer job is in abundance. Since our party consisted of 3 Dancers, a Dragoon, a Dark Knight and a Bard I decided that a camp with weak to piercing mobs would be great. We started at lvls 31-33 and ended with everyone 35+ Our main target was Toucans with Alraunes and Jagils to keep the chain going. With no downtime for mp regen we kept a consistant pace of 8k/hour exp.