29-32 Yuhtunga Jungle

* All party members require a Key Item: Airship pass for Kazham.
* Supports 2 parties.

Fields of Valor:
Book: (F-9), (G-5), (G-11), (K-6)
Page 4:
4x Sahagin, 6x Makara (880xp/gil)

Target mobs:
Primary: Sahagin
* Sahagin
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Thunder
* Very Strong against Water

Creek Sahagin (MNK)
River Sahagin (WHM)
Stream Sahagin (BRD)

Primary: Makara
* Pugil
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Lightning
* Very Strong against Water

This spot makes a very nice continuation from Goblin Furriers, since it's literally across the cliff to the entrance of the Sea Serpent Grotto.

Remember to silence the River Sahagins to prevent curative magic, although wait a while for the melee to knock off any Blink shadows it may have up. As the Sahagin get weaker, you will want to gradually focus on killing Makara up to around level 30. By 31, quite a number of mobs will con Tough to you, but because of the wide level range of the mobs here, there should still be plenty of VT-IT mobs to pull, although if there are two parties at 31, things might get iffy.

Take note that the Makara are actually the mobs closer to camp, and are also slightly harder than the Sahagin, so be careful when pulling not to get aggro on the way back.

Finally, the closest Field Manual to you will be at the Elshimo Lowlands Outpost, which unfortunately isn't terribly accessible for the party to get a new training regime, unless someone goes off to take a break.


Finalwolf said...

The (F-11) camp is still good to a lv32 party, plenty of IT's

Ophenix said...

Came here as a four man party:
Nin, Drk/war, War/nin and Dnc. Started as 31 and reached 33.
we gove 150-200 per kill and up chain 4 w/o any rest (xcept the drk between pulls for mp). It was awsome, these mobs are very shadow friendly and with Kurayami and Hojo become squishyer then Colibris.
At 33 Xp started to slow down but I guess a three man party can still Xp here at 33.
Try it, its perfect for a small setup since its right at the zone.

Josie said...

Just spent two nights here leveling my SAM 29-34. This camp is awesome with level sync to keep the party member's levels close. Ideal level is 31, but is still great at 30 or 32. EXP is slow at 29 and terrible at 33. Try to keep rotating in a new lvl 30-32 member. EXP was so fast my great katana skill fell behind.