24-27 Yuhtunga Jungle

* All party members require a Key Item: Airship pass for Kazham.
* Supports 3+ parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Yuhtunga Mandragora (24-26)
* Mandragora
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak against Piercing weapons
* Weak against Wind
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Thunder
* Weak against Darkness
* Strong against Light

Primary: Goblin Smithy (25-27)
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Light

Goblin Smithy (WAR)

The two Jungles of Yuhtunga and Yhoator have become the norm for parties leaving Qufim Island. The first step of this leveling stage involve taking on Yuhtunga Mandragoras and Goblin Smithys just outside the gates to Kazham, where there are two wooden fences that serve as decent camps near Kazham, and a smaller passage further south.

Start with Yuhtunga Mandragoras and slowly work towards taking down Goblin Smithies as party members level up. If you're really in trouble, make a run for Kazham. In the old days, this was the cause for legendary Goblin trains, but thankfully, an update changed things so that other parties would not be affected by this. Be careful though, as Mandragora's Dream Flower does not discriminate between parties, and will hit everbody in its radius.

Also note that there are other possible camps deeper in the jungles, although consistent and safe access to the target mobs are much trickier.


Oscar said...

Mandies' Dream Flower no longer affects people outside the party it is fighting against.

Lyncath said...

I wouldn't suggest a Ninja tank the Mandragora here, they are Monk-type monsters and will eat up Utsusemi so fast it's not funny.
If you do get a Ninja to tank make sure he/she has Hojo: Ichi and some good Evasion+ gear, no kidding, these Mandragora's attack fast.
Ninja can fair better against the Goblins here.

Richard said...

The Goblins are warrior types so they have double attack that can be just as problematic as mandys. However mandys can be slowed quite well and don't hit as hard.
Just keep your healer out of sleep range then he can wake the other slept members up.
And healers don't use curage your only gonna get a lot of hate. Seen a many of whms do this and end up getting killed because of it.

1 last tip like most should know by now keep barsleepra up for mandys and barfira for goblins.