45-50 Garlaige Citadel

* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Funnel Bats (45-48)
* Bat
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Darkness

Primary: Chamber Beetle (48-50)
* Beetle
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Light

While there are two camps displayed, these two camps are also campspots for Chamber Beetle parties. Start with Funnel Bats at the 45-48 range, then upgade to Chamber Beetles when appropriate, using the Funnel Bats as filler.

This is a rather popular camping spot, so expect competition for mobs. Personally, I don't really like this place very much around 49, and move onto other places.

Be careful of Serket (HNM scorpion) if it pops, although you can probably tell Serket will be popping soon by the masses of HNM linkshells camping him. If he pops, stay well away from him, as he has very deadly AoE moves (with incredible range, too).


Kirsteena said...

Another thing to beware of when Serket is due - MPKing linkshells - people like to drag trains up the stairs, as if you are /thf, you can flee to the exit safely with any luck - of course, it hits every xp party on the way. My advice - if Serket is due, find another spot. Fetid Flesh and Hellmines at the entrance {no, thanks}

nene said...

thank god for the new mpk system!

Anonymous said...

I partied here today at 47.

Party was NIN47 (me), WHM, SMN, WAR/NIN, THF/NIN, THF/NIN.

The bats are weak to piercing, so the THFs were doing some nice SATA Viperbites off the WAR and then off me. I'd recommend stacking evasion though if you're tanking here and bugging the WHM for Haste. Jet Stream is pretty obnoxious. As is there strong resistance to Blind. AoE attack down is pretty bad too, so make sure you have a WHM and they have Erase.

The beetles were noticeably stronger, but I found them easier to tank because of Kurayami sticking a little more than half the time.

It's easy to tell when Serket is about to pop, btw. Just /search before heading here. If you see a ton of /anon people with names that are all constants it's popping soon and the place is loaded with RMT.

kharvey10 said...

due to the new patch, any bst that gets in a party in here should be charming the c-bats in the nearby staircase (bats are easy to charm compared to other mobs), not using jug pets. c-bats are even match starting at 46. the bats will do a lot of damage and will end up pulling hate a good chunk of time.

pullers will need antidotes if serket is due to be up, his AOES will hit anyone in range.

Exzir said...

Best party setup here is as such.
The last portion is for Magic burst only. If's its a Blu the Blu is more than likely not going to engage the Mob and be Blue Magic Nukeing the mob and debuffeing. Makeing sure he/she has MP at all times.

The BRD will pull 1 or 2 bats at a time. IF 2 bats are pulled useing lullaby to keep bats sleeping is the best option. SAM will 1st provoke and the PLD and thf will line up for Tach: EPI --> SATA Viper Bite. The () person will MP Blizzard II and RDM can MB Water II. This should take about 2/3rds of the Bats hp. Have gotten chain 6 once @ 47 on bats.