41-44 Western Altepa Desert

* Supports 3-4 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Desert Beetle
* Beetle
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light

It's hard to pinpoint an exact campspot around Revelation Rock, although for some reason, people seem to favour the North and Eastern sides of the rock, although the other two sides would probably function just as well. Just find an empty nook that seems to have a lot of Beetles around it, and camp there.

Take care when pulling since these do link, and in fact, you may have to start your party off by clearing a link. If you end up pulling from any of the other adjacent nooks, take care to avoid any Antica aggro along the outer rim of Revelation Rock. This spot is a personal favourite of mine. ^^


kharvey10 said...

if you run into trouble you will need teleport-altep to get out of it, as zoneline is too far and escape won't work.

there is another possible camp around H-10 by the zone there, but it only works if you got a summoner in the party as carby pulling in that area is mandatory to avoid antica aggro.

Profit orientation said...

Ninja tanks work extremely well on Beetle mobs.
The high evasion including their low accuracy really helps lower the down time between pulls.
For DDs, any two which can produce Distortion will be very powerful combination.

Recommended: Any opener + THF and a BLM.

Ryan said...

South of Revelation Rock does work very well as a camp. The North West corner of H-8 is very choice.

People are tempted to camp right up next to Revelation Rock, but I don't recommend it. Pulls from the desert floor itself will be very long and pops on the way cause links. Stay close to the desert floor so more beetles are close.

cg said...

This camp is absolutely wonderful until some hits 45 at which the XP drops. But from 42-44, this place is {sweets}!