70-75 Caederva Mire

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* All party members are required to have unlocked the Dvucca Isle staging point.
* At least one stack of Echo Drops highly recommended.
* /WHM for all mages recommended.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Lamia Idolator
* Qutrub
* Aggro to Sight
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Low HP
* Links by Sight
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Light
* Strong against Ice
* Strong against Darkness

Primary: Heraldic Imp
* Imp
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Strong against Darkness
* Has True Sight

Secondary: Jnun
* Doomed
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Low HP
* Not Linking
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Light
* Very Strong against Darkness

Exit the Dvucca Isle staging point into the rest of the Caedarva Mire. If your party is around 70-72, the mobs will con VT-IT, and you will want to set up a more stationary camp at the mouth of the passage, pulling Lamia Idolators and Heraldic Imps. If your party is closer towards 75, you will want to roam, killing Lamia Idolators, Heraldic Imps, and Jnun.

Should you be roaming, you can either move back and fro in a line, or circle one of the ponds (using the Jnun inside to maintain a chain). The problem is that you may occasionally get aggro from an EP/DC Water Elemental which will break your chain if you choose to circle.

All the primary mobs here are "Black Mages". Lamia Idolators can actually cast all forms of Black Magic, including -ga III spells and a DRK's Absorb spells. As Lamia are undead, they will generally have Ice Spikes on, which need to be dispelled, too. While they also have a lot of HP, they have pretty low defense, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Just to be safe though, you may want a RDM to keep the mobs Silenced, although I didn't find it imperative to do so.


Daba Mylord said...

OK, I led my usual JP PT here because Azouph had 61 people there atm. I told myself it can't be that bad, and the JPs said they haven't partied there before and are willing to try. After our experience, we're never coming back here again. I do NOT recommend this camp, even as an "alternative" camp. As a Taru BLM, I'm having a hard time trying to avoid stealing hate even from a PLD tank. Idolator's DEF is so low, a simple Thunder does 224 damage if unresisted. Thunder II does 554 damage (almost like Thunder III), Thunder III does 1040 damage (almost like Burst) and Burst does 1890 damage, and Flare 2200. I didn't even equip a Thunder Staff, and I even gimped my equipment to remove my +INT bonuses and didn't even eat Melon Pies. I waited for Idolater's HP to be half, casted Burst, then casted Thunder III and already I stole hate from the PLD. I can't imagine what terror this will do to a NIN tank. This is the first time that I didn't want to deal a LOT of damage. I already have -enmity merits and all my gears have -enmity (Serene Ring, Penitent's Rope, Sapient Cape, Hedgehog Bomb, Errant set) and I STILL got hate.

Maybe it's just me, but Ice spells get resisted to 2-digit damage all the time (prolly cuz they're undead). Melee isn't gonna do much on these guys too. They have waaay too much HP and will take time to kill, but if you use your nuking, you steal hate and you might end up getting killed. There's no "balance" in the middle, it's all either too weak (melee) or too strong (magic).

There you have it, don't come here. Long kills, slow EXP, very, very dangerous.

Mxnecromancer said...

They are Qutrub, not lamie =]
Lamia Idolator in other words "One who Idols Lamie aka Qutrub :P

Kyrial said...

Just responding to daba mylord... I don't know where you're getting that melees do weak damage to them while nukes do a ton of damage. Melees do huge damage to them just like BLMs. Qutrubs are like Boreal Hound: they take huge amounts of damage, but have huge amounts of HP to compensate. A SATA'ed WS will regularly do anywhere from 2-3.5k, depending on job and how well-geared the melee is. As a BLU, my regular (physical) spell damage ranges from 500-1000 on weak mobs (like imps); on qutrubs, it is probably double that. And that's without SATA (NIN sub) or Chain Affinity. I've seen a picture of a DRK doing a 3600+ SATA'ed WS, followed by an 11k+ Darkness SC. So contrary to what you are suggesting, this camp is actually the BEST camp in ToAU for an "old school" type PT (i.e. SC and MB-reliant, rather than melee burn).

Ayrlie said...

there are fewer imp pops here. toads are an option. darkness skillchain will rape a qutrub but you cannot use an ice-based MB, as undead will resist ice-based spells. my recommendation is to use water or stone as the MB.

all the non-tank melees should go /thf and use TA+WS off the tank, this includes warriors that like to use rampage or raging rush. this is the only way to keep hate on the tank effectively. you want sneak attack to destroy their weapons, especially the one on the rear.

this camp is not for the ws-burn merit party, I only counted 3 maybe 4 imp spawns on the entire map. imps only got maybe 3k hp MAX, qutrubs have about 15k to 20k HP at the very least.

Mark said...

this camp is fun with sams and blm spamming sc mb theres a screenshot out there with a blm doing 8k on a burst 2 MB on these.

Ciermel said...

The one thing I don't like about this camp is that Qutrubs are totally immune to Lullaby and incredibly resistant to Sleep being dark based and all. Which makes consecutive pulls & adds hard to handle.

Don't know about Repose yet but I wouldn't recommend this camp for the aforementioned reasons D: