61-64 Aydeewa Subterrane

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* WHM recommended (for Erase).
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Aydeewa Diremite
* Diremite
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Water
* Weak to Light

Primary: Defoliator (61-63) *see notes
* Crawler
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Top map:
From Al Zahbi, go to the Bhaflau Thickets, and zone into the Aydeewa Subterrane at (I-7). Party members who have unlocked the BLU advanced job will recognise this place, since it is exactly the same.

Once inside the Aydeewa Subterrance, sneak up and turn right at the first circular room, dropping down to a larger room with Aydeewa Diremites in it (your xb mob). There is a passageway to the south of that room which you can camp in. Be sure not to slide all the way down into the large room with the BLU platform, as you will be unable to walk back up the slope.

Lower map:
Zone into the Aydeewa Subterrane from (I-10). The room you will be pulling from has Aydeewa Diremites mixed in with Defoliators, so this spot may be taken by another party slightly lower level than yours, although if they aren't that high level, ou can co-operate by simply leaving the Defoliators to them, and take just the Diremites.

Be careful when pulling in this room however, as there are Fossorial Fleas (Chigoe mobs) about.

Diremites have a Slow move (Fillamented Hold) that overwrites Haste, so like Spider Web, you will need Erase to remove the slow before reapplying Haste. If you have a (non-WHM) mage at 64, have them sub WHM to help out in this respect.

Needs checking:
* The Diremites are on a pretty long repop timer (around 15 minutes). Are there enough mobs to support a party chaining ITs?


Rafael said...

There's a little tunnel with a Qiqirn in it. You can kill it if there are not diremites around :p

Bellemithra said...

GREAT exp here!!! We were there for about 3 hours last night and it was great. It started off a little iffy, we sound aggrod one too many diremites and the whole party wiped (thank goodness for RR2) so we found a safe camp and chained worms and diremites. I highly recommend this place, plus we were the only party so there were always mobs to xp off of.

Yatuwatu said...

On the second map, I partied for a couple hours with a 60-61 party pulling crawlers and diremites. We camped in the tunnel in the SE corner of I-9. Be careful, an Air Elemental likes to hang out near the south side of the room, so if he's out have the mages stay well into the tunnel and it won't be a problem. Overall a great camp.

Meilin said...

Awsome, awsome camp when going in from the Northen entrance of thickets. Supports one party. The only real caution is that a few wormds spawn in the tunnels. What my party did was start a good chain, and end with worms. Also, erase is a GIANT must with diremites, as there slow cannot be overwritten by haste.

xilion said...

Awsome exp spot, but my 63 Drk had a very hard time w/ dark ele spells

bryela said...

When camping on the downramp to the BLU platform (top map), it actually is possible to get back up the ramp if you slide down too far.
The repop timer is 16 minutes for these diremites. With a Lv62-63 PT, killing only diremites on the downramp, we ran out of mobs sometimes to complete Chain#5.
It probably would've been better if we had camped in a tunnel with worms to serve as filler for completing chains, however none of the comments here mention specifically which tunnel worked for them.

Ketra said...

The defoliators are also excellent experience!

Maddie said...

It should be noted that the Diremite move Filamented Hold gives Slow that cannot be overwritten by Haste, which could be a problem if you have a NIN tank and no WHM. Otherwise, the diremites give pretty good exp when thrown in with a chain of Defoliators.