54-58 Wajaom Woodlands

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* Supports at least 3 parties.
* NM: Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha.

Target mobs:
Primary: Lesser Colibri
* Colibri
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Very Strong against Wind

Getting to camp is just a short walk from Al Zahbi. In fact, assuming that higher level players aren't randomly soloing the Lesser Colibri, you could camp just a minute's walk away from Al Zahbi instead and fight Lesser Colibri with the occasional Tiger thrown in for good measure.

However, should you want to fight only Colibri, then there are at least two main camps I am aware of that are marked. One is right at the Ley Point, where you warp into with the Olduum Ring, which can support two parties, one at the Ley Point, and another just up the hill to the west. The other is along the passageway to the south, coming in from (G-9).

Lesser Colibri do not share the Reflect-esque trait that the higher level Colibris have. However, because of Snatch Morsel, your tank will have to be able to survive, and maintain hate without food. Should your tank lose hate, one of the melees might very well have their food taken away from them as well, or be subject to Feather Tickle, which reduces a target's TP to 0%.

The Lesser Colibris neither aggro, nor link, so feel free to kill with reckless abandon. They are also particularly weak to piercing weapons, and are in general very soft for something that cons as Incredibly Tough. Party setups resembling a TP-spam party can, in the event of no competition, stay here all the way up to Level 60 or so.

Unfortunately, getting to the camps would be very convenient if you could actually use your Olduum Rings to get there, but alas, the level requirement on the rings is Level 60. ; ;

One more thing to note if you're camping at (I-9): the Lesser Colibri there are placeholders for an NM Colibri, Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha. Fortunately, it is not aggressive, nor does it link with the other Lesser Colibri, so you can continue your xp party undisturbed.


Gwendy of Ramuh said...

Your guide states that these xp mobs for level 54 to 58. I'd just like to share my experience with them.

Camping at the Leypoint we started chaining Colibri at 54 with the party makeup of NIN WAR THF BRD RDM and another pickup melee from town, these normally were WAR, THF, BLU, or DRK. At 54 experience was 7.4k per hour, at 56 it picked up to 8k per hour, then at 58 around 9.6k per hour. Now this was incredible xp for this level range and we though that we would be finished with Colibri by now and should have to move on, but we came back out at 59 and didn't leave till well into 60. At level 59-60 we were pulling in a massive 12k xp per hour with chains in the high teens for around 160ish per kill on 5+chain. This was with the BRD (me) pulling with elegy, sleeping mobs at camp, doing bard stuff, buffing stoneskin and blink, and heading back out for pulls. Of course this PT makeup was Impossible to Gauge, but with a good puller bringing in mobs at the right time or leaving camp to pull before current mob is dead, sleep pulling would not be required but will need to be replaced with very good timing and skill. Please note that Colibri are FAST like raptors and will kill your puller if it is a long pull so try to meet your puller halfway if possible.

Be aware that this camp spot will only support 1 party with such a high rate of killing. Anyone else soloing or xping nearby WILL kill your chains and drop the xp considerably.
You will need to time your pulls and alternate long pulls with the mobs in the corridor to the SE to keep the chains going strong. If you are a ranged puller then pulling with sleep arrows would be a good idea if possible to give puller some time to get to camp and await the incoming mob.

Larkwynn said...

Leveled here yesterday from 54-57 in 3 parties. We had a set WAR (me), BRD, COR, MNK and WHM for the whole day and kept rotating in NINs. NINs have a lot of trouble holding hate here because of the Colibri's 3 TP moves:

Snatch Morsel - steals your food effect, so the NIN had to go without food. My NINs were parsing only 12%-15% average damage.

Feather Tickle - reduces TP to 0%. Another reason the NINs were parsing so low and couldn't keep hate. They can barely get off weaponskills unless someone else has hate.

Pecking Flurry - multi hit attack that just rapes away all shadows.

In the last party I went through 15 mithakabobs in 2 hours :) PLD might make a better tank here, but would need an RDM for better results. If your alone at camp though, its amazing exp for the level. Our NINs were basically horrible (one good one out of four, and he still had trouble with hate) and we still raked in 6k/hr all day.

Riddick said...

I-7 Actually is a pretty nice spot to. Most time it was wide open. You have to deal with the occasional 75 player that is leveling in the area. We pulled as much as 10k exp per hour with a NIN tank BRD COR combo in party. Rest of DDs can be what ever. SMN/WHM is fine for main heal with this combo.

Riddick said...

Dont forget to check I-7. Nice camp alternate. Usually wide open.

Turkeysurgeon said...

think 12k/hour is massive? try 20k/hour take a couple rngs with you next =) or invite me 60 rng atm!

Liandras said...

Tonight just hit up this camp @52 with a party of 52's... While the party of 54-56's wiped near us. We didn't so much as bat an eye at it.

Exp was slowish, but with sanctions and exp ring.. 420-450 exp w/o any chain = nummy :)

Ayrlie said...

beware of the air elemental spawns just south of the leypoint - they can and will aggro any spellcasting mage that camps south of the leypoint - and they're even match-tough at 75.

kaianine said...

J-9 is also a nice spot, for one party, where Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha spawns, with just enough mobs for an early party (53-55) to keep going without waiting for spawns.

Icydeath said...

(I-7)(I-6) Is also a good camp for birds.

Scuzzelbutt said...

At the Leypoint @59-60 my party was hitting chain 70+. If I remember correctly the party was BRD, WARx3, RDM, NIN.

Noesis said...

I've used this camp into level 63 (yes that makes the very lowest birds EM) on one occasions. We actually held an infinite chain with a solo WHM healing and no BRD/COR support, getting up to 166 before we decided to call it for the day. Got about 13k/hour, and most importantly, was FUN AS HELL. Requires the leypoint and all surrounding camps to be completely empty.