43-46 Labyrinth of Onzozo

* White Mage required (for Stona).
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Cockatrice
* Cockatrice
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak against Wind
* Strong against Earth

If you have a White Mage in your party, I personally find the Labyrinth to be a very nice alternate to the more populated areas. Camp in the tunnel which opens up in the east to a room filled with Cockatrice, and just pull from that room. Cockatrice do not link, so pulling is relatively easy.

There is a spawn at the camp itself that you should be mindful of, but a spawn there isn't a very common occurance, and when it happen to my party, we just slept it and continued as normal.

Other than that, Cockatrice Meat sells well on the AH. ^^


kharvey10 said...

beware of Air Elemental that spawns in the H-10 tunnel

get a ninja tank if you can.

dj4mula said...

Great camp, distortion just pwns these guys. Need a good whm though or it can be tough. I prefer to camp in the middle of the gobs and cockatrice. The elemental camp is just a pain in the ass.

Verras said...

Well, if you go with a PLD tank that can backwards tank, you only need a /whm for the party to work. I've tanked here twice, and silence is the only problem. A RDM, BRD, or SMN can fix that easily, or you can use Echo Drops. The petrify is a gaze attack, so its no sweat.

DiMenna said...

My static camped here last night.
We were PLD, WAR, BLU, THF, RDM and WHM. Our level range was the tank and whm starting at 43 and everyone else 42 and 41. The first couple fights took a while, but we started adding in Gobs for easy kills and good exp.

The cockatrice in the tunnel is on a 16 minute repop timer. take note of the DoT of that mob so you can predict when it will pop next. This will save your party a lot of grief.

Exp rolled in after everyone gained a level.

Motokyo said...

DId this camp with a BRD BRD WAR PLD THF WHM set up. It was excellent. Kept silence and petify off and there was no problems, instant pulls, chain 5s, etc.

Zcor said...

Our party leader took us here without a whm <.<;
Needless to say it was rough (I was tank, and was getting petrified halfway through each fight; very frustrating).
I can see this camp working really well, but having a whm in the party is a total necessity =P