59-63 Uleguerand Range

* All party members need Chains of Promathia.
* Paralyna required.
* Supports 4 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Nival Raptor
* Raptor
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Based on Fire
* Weak against Water
* Strong against Fire

This is a very nice alternative to some of the more populated areas, like the Labyrinth of Onzozo or the Valley of Sorrows. Even better, unlike their more warm-blooded cousins, the Nival Raptors do not disease, meaning that you have more party flexibility since you are not required to bring a White Mage along for Viruna.

Still, exercise some caution in terms of positions. Have the party's tank stand in a position such that the Raptor faces away from the rest of the members, particularly the mages, since the Paralyze effect of Frost Breath is quite potent.

The raptors here are on a five minute repop, which means you can keep on chaining. Special party builds, like a Warrior party I was with once, can get a Chain #10 off the mobs here without too much trouble.

Camps line the upper portion of the Uleguerand Range. From the passageway camp (the western-most mark), follow your right hand wall all the way around, where you'll pass by two more potential campspots before ending at the last one (the north-eastern camp), where a Christmas tree of sorts marks the final campspot. The last camp marked is the down-ramp leading to the rest of the Uleguerand Range.


Zoltran said...

Polar Hares a nice primary target for the higher 50's (58, 59) with a 60 or two in your party. They can be located at the more northern and eastern camps.

Seidell said...

This place was awesome. Was their the other night for roughly 6hrs or more. We were the only party there the entire time. We camped right outside the first cave. Had a Snoll link once cause we constantly kept moving forward ^^

Ashka said...

Do not have a Tarutaru Ninja tank! Other than that, great spot.^^

Hohito said...

I should have said that Water III(56) or Flood(58) and Distortion is probably what you will want to use here since Raptor are weak to water.

Using the downramp here is ideal because the raptors never venture there and it allows your BLM to use various GA spells in tandem with the regular ones.

Raptor skins sell for good cash so bringing a THF along will help your NINs and RNGs with supply money.