62-65 Ru'Aun Gardens

* All party members need sky access.
* Supports 9 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Flamingo
* Bird
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Wind

Since most people don't really go out of their way to get sky access before they are 70, putting together a party that can go to sky this early might be challenging. However, it is usually open.

There are two possible main campsites that I know of, basically one on each side of the main teleporter. I have never actually partied on the right-hand camp before, preferring the left. In addition to those, each of the individual "islands" can also theoretically support another party each- just make sure that you camp well out of range of the magic-aggro Groundskeepers and elementals. The island with the broken bridge (around Byakko, or the Light/Dark Elementals) is particularly nice for this, since you can just camp safely on what's left of the bridge.

Other than that, xp here is very nice. The Flamingos neither aggro, nor link, nor have any really devastating TP moves, so barring silly -ga madness, you are in for a very safe xp session. At 66, some of the Flamingos will start to con {Very Tough}, but I didn't find that to be a problem.


Selphiechanofcarbuncle said...

These are so easy to fight. They dont do anything really. Exp is nice on these, no competition at all. I beleive our whitemage was /sitting the whole time...

Great exp, boring fights.

Artanis said...

This is an ideal manaburn camp for those stuck in the 60-65 range. Any method of pulling without magic is a must if you're camping near the dolls or pots, making brd or cor an ideal job for that spot. Resistance on spells is annoying till 62 (half dmg AM, resistance to lullaby, etc), but from there on out these things are cake. You can get away with using 3-4 blms if positioned well (which happened to my pt). Pretty easy camp with no competition.