67-75 Caedarva Mire

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* Moving party recommended.
* At least one stack of Echo Drops highly recommended.
* /WHM for all mages recommended.
* Azouph Isle staging point.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Heraldic Imp
* Imp
* Aggro to True Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Strong against Darkness

Primary: Spongilla Fly
* Fly
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Ice
* Strong against Wind

Exit Nashmau from the east, and head towards the Azouph Isle Staging Point. Alternatively, if you don't fancy riding the boat all the way to Nashmau, you can get here via the Azouph Isle staging point.

The main "camps" revolve around a gauntlet-like passage to the west, or around the ponds (and hills) to the east. All the mobs here are on a five-minute repop timer, and there are plenty to go around.

Imp mobs are Black Mage mobs, and as such, need to be silenced, or have an attentive stunner to prevent a -ga spell from going off (particularly Sleepga II!). In addition, they are Dark based, so although it is possible, it is difficult to land Sleep, and even Lullaby to an extent. They also have two abilities that you should be aware of:

Abrasive Tantara- AoE Amnesia. Affected players cannot use job abilities and weaponskills. Note: Amnesia cannot be Erased.

Deafening Tantara- AoE Silence. This should be self-explanatory. Assign a melee for each mage to Silena for a speedy recovery.

Both abilities are used rather frequently, so come prepared. Mages with a knack for being up in the front lines (like Bards) may want to consider bringing a few extra along, just in case.

Everything here is T-VT to a 75, and the mobs don't have a lot of HP, so spam parties can really get rolling here,

However, this place is very popular for merit parties. As such, it is very often overcrowded, meaning that you will most likely not see chains like the above, so be sure to search the area before setting off.


Balfor said...

Needs checking:
* What are Heraldic Imps weak and strong to?
* Is there anything special about the flies in the ToAU areas?

they are indead weak to piercing damage. i've exped here with monks, 1h axe using warriors, and rangers, and i personally am a dragoon and none of us have had trouble breaking 1k dmg on ws.

as far as the flies, there is nothing special about them. they use your standard fly TP moves, nothing new to worry about

Alithir said...

A Note to Summoners: Imps have horns and when that horn is broken from behind, they die immediatly. In some cases Ifrit is known to break that horn with the Flaming Crush BP and that hit's for over 2000+ dmg. I personally have killed an Imp in one shot with Flaming Crush, in a party, not solo. However I have also soloed an imp with Ifrit. Not simple, but possible. Have fun :)

Zaq said...

Jnun can be added to the mixture ^^, makes the chain go smooth and easy.
Imps have about 3K HP & Jnun have about 8K or less.

Seidell said...

Says this camp is good from 72-75. We had a 69-70 group there yesterday chaining just the imps getting roughly 4/5k per hr. We tried to avoid the flies cause thier AoE was hurting pretty badly, it didn't kill us but it did enough to break chains...we camped at the path north in J-7...hope this helps

Ayrlie said...
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Motokyo said...

Probably the worst 70+ camp ever. Don't go unless there are 2- parties.

Anonymous said...

this area good as low as 67. Went there today with 67-69 group.

Tha Al Capwn said...

I agree, this is a fine camp for 67-69. Did very well here.

Selphiechanofcarbuncle said...

Mobs spawn Purple...

This place is too overcrowded with merit / exp partys.

Ayrlie said...

imps are strong to dark and wind, and weak to fire and light. Barfira makes their AOE amnesia move a joke. Imps have an high resistance to anything of dark element (sleep, dispel, blind, absorb, drain, aspir) to the point you must have a bard in the party to finale blaze spikes and to lullaby uninvited imps. They have an high resistance to silence and gravity. Fire, oddly enough, does a lot of damage to them. Ifrit's Flaming Crush can one-shot an imp, and Fire IV often ends up doing over 1000 damage on a light skillchain MB.

atreides.ffxi said...

Heraldic Imps do in fact link. Just had it happen in my PT.

Rich said...
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Rich said...

"We had a 69-70 group there yesterday chaining just the imps getting roughly 4/5k per hr"

4-5k/hr is rubbish. Hence why this camp sucks so hard at 67. If you're thinking of going here at 67, don't.

I thought we managed to drive this point home that fighting IT+++ mobs is bad?

The only problem is 67-73 there are very few ToAU camps, and people are generally against going to Signet areas, so the Mire gets very crowded.

I do advise echo drops, but Mages please, if you expect your melees and bards to spam echo drops every time they're silenced, then you're a fool. You know well those can cost around up to 8k a stack, for a disposable item you could easilly go though 5-10 stacks a party if you used them constantly.

Exzir said...

This messages is for a small group.

Starting at 72 you can choose this or the (Nyzul Isle staging point) camp site.

Possable combos i have found so far are.

Blu72 & Smn72
blu will sub nin and let levathan tank the imp till levathan has less than 1/4th hp. Levathan is perfered is only two are killing imps.

2x+ SMN72 if you have 3 smn can be 70+. 6 70+Smn could do unlimited chains as long as mobs last.

will have to have 3 groups of 2 SMN 71+. 1 group resting and other 2 attacking. Group a will attack one mob group b will atack another. Group a will pull one imp and attack it once the imps is at camp group b will pull one. group a will keep pulling as long as over 600mp once below rest and resting group take over group duties.

1 Blu/nin 1 Blu/blm/smn 1 Smn
Can replace the blu with smn But chains will stop at 5

Blu/blm smn for mp and Blu/nin is puller with assance from smn when /nin needs to /heal. Smn is useing Garuda for one P.C. attack per mob but blu/blm/smn will be doing final damage on imp. blu/smn should be the major damage dealer after 1/2. P.C. sshould be giveing Garuda hate blu/nin should have defence spells and weaking spells set.

Anonymous said...

to atreides.ffxi: Imps dont link, your puller probabley just got agro on the way.

jmoney29 said...

I went here yesterday, with a party setup of rng,brd,cor,rdm,nin,war and we dominated, we only got up to a chain 55 because we had killed all the mobs, and there were about 4 parties total in the area. I think the reason why this place is so slow for some people is because they haven't tried 2 buffers, when you go with 2 buffers you'll be happy that you didn't get a fourth DD. I got 23k xp in an hour and a half(15k xp/hr) as a lvl 74.

woohoo said...

very nice place to level. i have a party right now here while doing this comment and we are 65-67 and we are doing really good.......

mnk, smn x2, sch, pld, and sam

pretty awesome place getting atleast 5k an hour in exp

HKR said...

This camp is just too over camped at this point. At all times of day there are anywhere between 4-7 parties here, which forces people camp right on top of spawn points.

I really hate how people are refusing to camp anywhere else but here these days.

Sheena said...

Responding to an earlier poster,
67 is possible here. Very possible. With a good tank and sensible mages with quick silenas from mages, this is a very good camp.
I partied here last night near the turn right to the area with 3+2(in the clearing) imps with a party set up of PLD WAR DRK WHM RDM BRD for two and a half hours and obtained 25k exp at level 66-68. Granted you have a quick puller, preferably not a DD, say a BRD, you will have quick and easy chains with the proper support.