70-75 Bhaflau Thickets

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* All members should have the Mamool Ja staging point activated to minimize travel time.
* Supports 5 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Sea Puk (70-75)
* Puk
* Aggro to Sight
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sight
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Absorbs Wind

Primary: Mamool Ja (73-75)
* Mamool Ja
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight

Mamool Ja Blusterer (BLM)
Mamool Ja Infiltrator (MNK)
Mamool Ja Lurker (THF)
Mamool Ja Mimicker (BLU)
Mamool Ja Philosopher (NIN)
Mamool Ja Pikeman (DRG)
Mamool Ja Stabler (BST)

Primary: Skoffin (73-75)
* Wyvern
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Darkness
* Strong against Wind
* Very Strong against Fire

Walking here isn't too much of a hassle from Al Zahbi, although having the Mamool Ja staging point activated will cut down travel time here significantly.

Sea Puks are the basic bread and butter mob in this place. They have some annoying moves, particularly Wind Shear, which is an AoE damage and knockback move, but they do not have a lot of HP, and are supposedly very weak to all forms of Piercing damage. On the magical side though, bear in mind that Sea Puks absorb all forms of Wind-based elemental damage, and all other forms of Wind-based spells, like Gravity, will be resisted.

Sea Puks are low-IT to Level 70s, but are Tough to level 75 parties, whose purpose is to take advantage of their repop to keep the high chains going. The Mamool Ja and Juriks are VT-IT to 75 though, so stay away from those if you are coming here at 70. Juriks have a multitude of abilities you need to be aware of, including Dispelling Wind, an AoE Paralyze move, as well as a frontal Silence move, so be sure to engage them such that they face away from the mages. Mamool Ja Mimickers are Blue Mages with some very nasty spells, so be sure to keep them Silenced.

Mamool Ja Pikemen are nice because their pet wyverns will let you continue the chain, but are also incredibly weak compared to everything else, so if you're lucky, you could kill off the Wyvern, then as you're fighting the Pikeman, he'll summon another wyvern. In short, if this place isn't overly crowded (which it tends to be), you can get infinite chains here, or as long as people's patience and concentration allow.


Kirsteena said...

I don't know what is it like on your server but on ours it is seriously overcrowded here. One or two burn parties will put a serious crimp in xp here. And of course, there is no easy way to tell as people may be in the rest of the thickets.

As for ice - my blizzard IIIs were never resisted, and did about 600 damage, so probalby safe to say weak to ice.

Fingerspitz said...

After Spinners proved too hard for my lvl66-68 pt we moves back out int buffalo thickets and did the puks for easy chain 5s, 250+ each with fast fights^^. This area is awesome for merit points I know, but it also kicks the hell out of bibiki bay. If your pt is up to it you can bring the mamools for 350+ base exp on chain 4-5, kind of like den of rancor fish + fleshes. We had a NIN, but as they're hard to slow/elegy and attack *very* quickly I might actually recommend PLD here <_>. It's very possible to evade the damage on the AoE knockback, but you get thrown backwards anyway ><. Mamool NINs are best, whatever you do dont silence them though :x they have zero ninjutsu skill, -ton: nis hit for like 20, and they cast utsi: ichi over utsu: ni for 'no effect' :3. Rushing drub smarts though, have cure IV/V ready. Great spot even for parties that cant make chain 300 XD.

Wanta said...

I wouldn't say it can support 6 burn parties.
This morning I came here for the first time: at first there were only 2 other groups and exp went ok.
Then about one hour later another 2 groups arrived.

This is were things turned bad: it became more of a camping competition than an xp session. At one point there were about 12 pullers standing in the middle of the zone waiting for pops. Mobs would practically spawn purple. Not to mention my framerate dropped to below 5 at times.

And this was only with 5 parties. I don't want to imagine how it would be with 1 more party.

Vaulout said...

Did these with a group of 67-68, with emp band and sanction we were getting between 259-300 on first kill and almost 400 on chain 4 or 5. Hard as hell to tank as a NIN, would have been a lot easier with a BRD for acc and atk. Oh and the move that made me the most angry was AoE flash.

Mifaco said...

This camp was changed with the July update. Repops were altered from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, and the number of Puk spawns were cut significantly. South end can support 3 parties, tops. North end can support 2 parties.

Additionally, the mage mamools seem to have gained some Elemental Magic skill, and will fry your party with Firaga and such.

Ayrlie said...

if you plan on doing mammol jas and wyverns, all the party members (including bards and red mages) need to be at least level 74. mammol jas are strong to wind and weak to ice. since the update, this area only supports 3 parties as they cut the number of puk pops considerably. take special care of fang rush, it will one-shot anyone (not even galka paladins are safe). deadly dive is a potential one-shotter as well but not as likely as fang rush.

Saiph said...

Totally disagree with Ayrlie about needing to be 74+ for mamool ja's. We had no problem with them at 70-72. Our party makeup was RDM, BRD, BLU, SAM, DRG, NIN. primary mobs were puks and secondary mobs were mamooljas. I got 41k exp in 2.5 hours (using anniversary ring twice) with virtually no down-time. We only had 1 death the whole time. Possibly the best party I've ever had.