73-75 Mount Zhayolm

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* At least one member requires a Key Item: Cast Metal Plate.
* At least one member /BLM for Escape recommended, or all members have the Halvung Staging Point activated.
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Hilltrolls
* Troll
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight

Hilltroll Dark Knight (DRK)
Hilltroll Monk (MNK)
Hilltroll Paladin (PLD)
Hilltroll Puppetmaster (PUP)
Hilltroll Ranger (RNG)
Hilltroll Red Mage (RDM)
Hilltroll Warrior (WAR)

It may be a little hard to see on the map above, but the westernmost camp is actually a little bit to the west of the western Gates of Halvung, underneath a walkway. The Gates of Halvung are similar to the moongates in Ro'Maeve, in the sense that one person in the party requires a Cast Metal Plate, obtained from the surrounding area to open the gates after first checking one of the two Gates of Halvung.

To get the Cast Metal Plate, first click on a Gates of Halvung, and then search around Mount Zhayolm (the area "outside" the two gates) for a ???, usually based on the bottom of broken tree stumps and buildings. Be careful as you explore, as the slimes, red crawlers, pugils all aggro.

The other two camps are behind the eastern Gates of Halvung (the closest ones to the staging point). This is the same enclosed area that Cerberus pops in, although he doesn't pop near where you will be xp'ing.

In order to get to camp, it's advised that one member be either a BLM, or be able to come /BLM so you can enter Halvung from the Bhaflau Thickets entrance and simply Escape out, depositing you at (L-6) of Mount Zhayolm, saving you considerable time on travel. Alternatively, if nobody can Escape, then teleport to the Halvung staging point, and move to camp from there.

All the mobs here con VT to 75, with puppets conning T. In addition, Hilltroll Monks can Rock Smash, which Petrifies although can be absorbed by shadows. Most of the trolls also have Overthrow, which goes through shadows, and knocks back. Diamondhide is AoE Stoneskin, which cannot be Dispelled. You may also on rare occasions, come across an Earth Elemental around camp, but it should be manageable by this point.


LaFayette said...

Also let it be known that troll rangers will aggro you from the lower levels, and bring all their friends when they decide to walk up. ;_;

Sardine said...

Due to Troll's very high HP, DEF, and Diamondhide which cannot be dispelled, they take very long to be killed, even in TP Burn parties with a BRD. On the same note, if possible, avoid PLD and MNK trolls due to their high def and HP respectively.

I have yet to chain past 8 on these trolls, and thus this camp is all the way down on my preference list of camps for merit pts in ToAU, just below Caedava Mire and its overcrowding problem on my server.

kharvey10 said...

I been on the camp. Most of the parties tend to be much more balanced with a skillchain + magic burst than those TP burn style parties. Usually a darkness or distortion skillchain is favored with a water MB. Also, occasionally, the blm and rdm will break off to duo the backside wamouras (at one of the eastern camps). those mobs move very slowly and are easily kited, and sometimes manaburn will focus on those rather than flans.

Renaldo said...

Even though the chains aren't high, the Mobs are at the higher-end of the exp-tier, so the exp isn't Chain 50 for 110 or something lame like that.

Even as RDM and without a BRD, I've easily pulled 10k/hr, but it required us to roam, and me to set up the mobs for the rest of the party.

Most parties are used to the BRD just grabbing the mobs, but roaming works REALLY well for this camp. Even on the upper level, there are a bunch of mobs on both sides, and often, one will repop before the top level is exhausted.