62-69 Mount Zhayolm

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* At least one member /BLM for Escape recommended.
* Supports 4 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Magmatic Eruca
* Crawler
* Aggro to Sound (from 06:00 → 20:00)
* Links by Sound (from 06:00 → 20:00)
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

To get to camp quickly, either teleport to the Halvung staging ground, or enter Halvung from the Bhaflau Thickets, before Escaping, depositing you at (L-6) of Mount Zhayolm. Like some other mobs in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas, the Magmatic Erucas are asleep at nighttime, during which they neither aggro, nor link.

All the Crawlers here behave more or less the same as they do on the main continent, except that Poison Breath is replaced by Incinerate, which is pretty hard-hitting fire damage in a frontal cone, which seems to have the Eruca's current HP as a factor when calculating damage. Regardless, keep up Shell and Barfira to minimize the effects of Incinerate, and have the mob facing away from the weaker party members.

One thing to note is that the Crawlers are considerably harder during Fire weather, or during Firesday, including signs of increased Incinerate damage, in addition to faster TP buildup.

This place can be done regular party style up to around 65-66. By 68-69, you can try roaming around, similar to a merit point party, ala Decorative Weapons style.

Needs checking:
* I'd like some more testing done on the two south-western camps, if feasible.


Kaziel said...

Thing that's definately worth noting is that, according to this post, in fire weather, the Magmatic Erucas generate TP quite quickly, or are given a flat boost. None the less, knowing about this so you can prepare, instead of being smacked for a crapload of damage upfront is quite useful.

port said...

Second the fire weather comment, same goes for firesday. Even with barfira, I was getting hit with 700-800dmg incinerates and no minus fire stuff on. Be careful!

A RDM has to be there to dispel, and if they are the xp is definitely fantastic. Took the southeastern most camp. NIN WHM RDM MNK WAR RNG. 61/62s. We never ran out of mobs, and hit chain #4. With empress and sanction, most kills gave my 62 NIN 350xp+.

Fyre said...

You can exp here right up to around 68/69ish. I was there on my bard with a brd/whm/nin/war/mnk/rng party. I was pulling we we rarely ran out of mobs, easily hitting Chain 5, for over 200 exp without band. Occasionally 6/7.

We were at a western camp, on top a ledge overlooking Apkallu's I think, I can't remember.

We were getting 9k/hour, at 65-67, without band. Constant pulls, with a good party here, you can't lose.

Magmatic Eruca TP Moves:

Cocoon: Same as main land crawlers, very high defense boost, must be dispelled.

Incinerate: Replacing Poison Breath. Front Conal Fire Breath attack. After exping on these for 3/4 days. I noticed that they seem to be HP based, like Goblin's Bomb Toss. It killed our Taru Nin twice when it used it at 80%, but took like, 50 when it was at 5%.

Sticky Thread: Front Conal slow move. Doesn't override Haste. But haste can override it, as well as Erase.

I've not really used BLM out here, so I can't comment on their magic strength's and weaknesses.

Tirgen said...

Respectable manaburn EXP location. Party was Rdm and 5 Blm. Camped at L-8 and pulled Crawlers. Never needed to wait on respawn. As with most manaburns TP moves were a non-factor, they had normal resistance rates vs Burst and Flood. 5 AM volley was sufficent to kill when nobody was resisted, we dropped down to 4 blm towards the end and required a second volley of tier 2/3 spells to finish off. No trouble enfeebling as 64 rdm with capped skill. Exp was 150-250 depending on crawler level and chain

therias said...

At J-8, sat at the shore and chain pulled Erucas and Sicklemoon Jagils. Have to be careful of the Phasma (ghost) that spawns at night.

With 66-68 mnk/nin nin/war war/nin war/nin rdm/whm brd/whm we were able to chain 30-40 and pull 15k+ per hour.

Liandras said...

the camp @ (I-9) is a relative death trap if you have any sort of over zealous mage, or puller for that matter.

Due to the repop time, you'll often times be in the middle of a battle when the closest pop mob comes to say hello.

Keep on your toes, smack those mages for barfira.

bryela said...

Regarding the southwestern camps (which seem to be empty a lot since people tend to head to Zhayolm and just plop down at the closest camp they can find):

According to Vanamon (Japanese monster data site), the Erucas in "the front" camps are lower level - closer to Lv71, while the Erucas in the camps "to the West of (I-9)" are higher level 73-75. This might mean that it may be worthwhile to trek all the way out to the SW camps if your PT is on the high end of the recommended level range.

Heavensword said...

Also tried the SW camp, went very smooth from 65-66 with WHM, RDM, NIN, (MNK/RNG swap), BLU and SAM (me). Great camp, easy pulls, easy xp. We would often do Fragmentation > Distortion > Darkness skillchains. The skillchain usually resulted in <100 damage, maybe about 33% of the time it seemed to do more. I can't wait to go here again.

J.R.C. said...

You definitely have to watch out for Incinerate, and yes it does seem to be based on the mob's current HP. Even with Shell III and Barfira up, I was getting hit for 700-800+ if it used it near the beginning of a fight, yet when it was almost dead i'd get hit for 30. If you're a Paladin, try to get Rampart up near the beginning of the fight in case this happens, as some damage will be absorbed. If you can't, keep your HP as high as possible (as if you were trying to keep your parade gorget's latent active) until it is around 60% or 50%, then you can be a bit more lenient. I died 3 times due to incinerate the other day, and once it was because I was double attacked+critical hit, and couldn't get cure off in time before it killed me then wiped the party.

Unknown said...

the camp at J-8 has elemental pop

kharvey10 said...

western most camp (just west of the NM crawler pop) has crabs, pugils, and crawlers. in case of firesday and/or fire weather, you got crabs and pugils to fall back on. at nighttime, phasmas like to pop near the shoreline. there is a little canyon to camp in but be aware of pops during the day. this camp is located by the western gate of halvung. you only need sneak to reach this camp once you get through the initial room of clusters from the staging point.

Anonymous said...

at J-8 camp with a rdm, cor, brd, 2mnk, and war/nin tank around 67-68 we were gong after Eruca and the Jagils and got 16K/hr doing so.

Unknown said...

I tried war, nin, brd, drk, cor, rdm there, were doing around 16k-18k exp/h.. doing chain 10 pretty constantly.. camping between the 2 camps, kinda roaming party.. finishing chains on jagils.

EbonHawk1 said...

I think the SW camp is not viable. There is a NM Energetic Eruca that spawns there. It will destroy any party that is EXP'ing there. It's happened twice to me so far.