29-31 Sauromugue Champaign

* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Evil Weapon
* Weapon
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Magic
* Not Linking
* Weak against Fire
* Slight resistance against all other elements (+12.5% Magic Def)

There is an off-chance that a lower-level party (18-20) may be leveling off the Diving Beetles behind you. In that case, be sure to xp far enough away from them such that your Evil Weapons' Whirl of Rage does not hit their party.

Note that the passageway is rather tight though, and the camp location is practically identical, so if there is an 18-20 party leveling off Diving Beetles, you still may want to consider a different spot.


Unknown said...

This area is very nice for exp if you have one or more BLM's, a hard hitting DD like a RNG, and a tank that can get their defense pretty high with food and Defender such as a PLD or a WAR/NIN. I wouldn't recommend a NIN for this camp because once their shadows go down, they will get ripped apart. The reason that RNG's and BLM's are very good for this camp is because they can stay out of range of the Evil Weapon's "Whirl of Rage" TP attack since it strips shadows and stuns anyone in range. So having BLM's and RNG's allows your main heal to keep their focus on the tank. You can start exping here at level 28 (Getting 200 exp per kill) to level 32 (Getting up to 280 exp on exp chain # 4's.) In my opinion, this area is much better than the usually over crowded Yhoator Jungle.

Kyle said...

AOE attack is brutal. I recommend a 31-33 level party. The key is to get high chains, with a good setup fights will take 60 seconds or less. Exp might appear low but you'll be getting constant chains at a much quicker rate. Pulled in about 7000 exp in an hour.

Firesoul said...

This is a great camp, I think the level range can extend to 32 rather than 31.

The moment someone hits 33 though, the exp takes a serious hit. You might be ok at 33 with exp rings active, but many times you are going to get under 100 exp per mob, even chaining we had 120 exp chain 2's.

Harry XI said...

This camp really shines at lv 31 with a good setup and fast puller.

Attention ninjas:

Whirl of Rage only removes one shadow.
Jack-o-lanterns give accuracy +10 evasion +10 and Arcana Killer. This food it very useful at this camp.