38-41 Gustav Tunnel

* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Hell Bat (38-40)
* Bat (Single)
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Darkness

Primary: Hawker
* Fly
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak against Ice
* Strong against Wind

Primary: 1st-tier Goblins (39-41)
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Light

Goblin Poacher (RNG)
Goblin Reaper (DRK)
Goblin Robber (THF)

You fight a variety of mobs down here, of which, only the Goblins aggro. Camp just before the tunnel starts to open out into a room, just past some Hell Bat spawns. Take care when pulling, as everything here links with its own kind.

Again, while it is possible for two parties to fit in here fairly comfortably, especially if there's a level difference between the two, you'd much prefer to be the only party here. Fortunately, this camp's popularity seems to be dying down as of late.


Ayrlie said...

you can add in makaras and lizards if you got a ninja tank, gustav is packed, and you're around the 41-42 level range. there is another camp further in, over by the hallway where you go from map 1 to map 2. watch out for the true sight bune.

Laucion said...

I've found that as long as your tank is competent that you can pull the Makaras. I didn't trust myself to pull any lizards last time I was there but another great camp is exactly where Ayrlie said.

Hohito said...

This area ws SO right for our static of mostly 38 and 37 support. Come here as level 38. I was RNG 38 and monsters conned IT with low evasion which was a perfect conn.

We were getting pops just as we ran out of mobs so really only one party can camp the entrance imo.

Nyito said...

I find this area really only supports one party at the entrance in the 40-41 range, maybe two can fit in the 38-39 range when pulling is slower, but with two parties there at 40-41, when another party showed up, our exp/hr was cut down to a third of what it was, due to broken chains and slow spawns.