55-60 Caedarva Mire

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Marsh Murre
* Bird
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light
* Strong against Wind

Secondary: Orderly Imp
* Imp
* Aggro to True Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Strong against Darkness

To get to the camp, take the ship to Nashmau, and exit to the west into the Caedarva Mire. The Marsh Murre are a little spaced out, so keep some kind of order going so that the puller knows where the next mob is. These birds also, for some reason, seem to use TP moves more frequently than normal, so keep Baraera up to minimise the damage done from Wing Cutter.

Because of the nature of the mobs, and their quick repop time, higher level parties (~60) can do a TP spam-esque party here, with good pulling, to rake in larger chains. However, in order to maintain the chain, your puller will most likely have to venture a little into the graveyard to get some pulls- be careful of the skeletons. Imps are only slightly harder than the Marsh Murres, and can be taken if you want.


Tenshi said...

hello. i have camped here 3 times 56-58 (got my 58 here) and 1 time 58-60 PT. we were having some problems with spawns because we were killing so fast that only possible pulls where really far away so we started to kill leeches and they are almost the same as birds but go a little crazier and have their mean drain kisses. Lv.61 ppl messes up the PT

Thistle said...

I brought my static here twice, and it really worked out well. We pulled Marsh Murre (birds), Puktraps (flytraps) and leeches. We tried saplings as well, but their AoE damage move was way too annoying to be worth it. (Flytraps also have an AoE move -- sleep -- so mages should stay back.)

If the things outside the west exit are too weak (they were VT to us at 57), any of the other exits will give you IT versions.

ggrapple said...

This is a good spot for BST 61-64. Convert the saplings to EM(61) and kill Birds. Let bird get to about 70% health with 1st pet then swap. 2 birds between West exit and pond, and then a few between pond and cemetary. Only supports 1 BST. Only made it through 3 birds before 1st poped again (@61).

terren said...

A few notes on "sharing" the west camp...

This camp certainly is bst heaven 62-65, and you can duo there at 61.

And it's wonderful for a party 55-60ish.

Which has caused all kinds of delightful shouting matches. The truth is, the camp can be shared perfectly well between 2 bsts or 1 bst and 1 party. The party is best camped as indicated on the map, and pulls Murres from the graveyard and near the tunnel; the bst camps at the zone to Nashmau. There's slight overlap on 2 birds this way but generally if both parties are respectful this never becomes a problem and doesn't screw up chains for either.

That being said, bring a 3rd group in - either a bst or another party - and exp dies for everyone. If you're going to party here be sure to /sea the area first, it's not remotely worthwhile if it's crowded.

(and if you're a bst soloing there, please don't be /anon, you're just ruining it for yourself)

arkbg said...

extra camp spot:

went there today and it was full. instead of dealing with hassle of finding new map and camp, i got the idea to camp near talacca cove. birds+imp+skeletons+qiqirn at Lv sync60... not only was it more exciting and fun than normal monotonous 1 mob camping, the XP wasnt bad at all!! i cleared 4k for my XP ring in just over half an hour and we were very non-chalant. u could reach 10k an hour i think pretty easy. XP wouldve been even better at 57 or 58 and our sync nerfed alot of our potential, so... if u see camp full dont panic, try the talaca cove zone ^.^ did u know qiqrin have terrorize and possibly amnseia?!? crazy lil buggers!

~Kerah of Pandemonium