70-75 Mount Zhayolm

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* At least one member requires a Key Item: Cast Metal Plate.
* Halvung staging point.
* Manaburn party recommended.
* Solo BLM camp.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Ebony Pudding
* Flan
* Aggro to Sight
* Aggro to Weaponskills
* Aggro to Job Abilities
* Not Linking
* Weak against Magic attacks
* Strong against Physical attacks

While a regular party setup has come here on occasion, because of the nature of Flan mobs, this campspot is often taken up by manaburn parties and/or solo Black Mages.

Assuming you are in a manaburn party, there are two strategies you can use to plow through the Puddings. The "usual" method of going through these is to fight until Chain #3, then rest to full. Once all the black mages are sufficiently rested, keep roaming and killing Ebony Puddings on sight. This will take you through to Chain #9 or Chain #11, where you'll find that you killed too quickly for the repops, or will have run out of mana. No matter, since they will all repop after you have rested up again.

Another way of fighting them is to have a good about of mana regeneration, and pace yourself through the Puddings using the recast timer on Thunder IV as a guide. With some luck, you would have slowed down the killing pace enough such that by the time you have killed the last Pudding, the first would have repopped, and just continue from there.

Remember that you can Aspir once a minute, which translates to roughly every alternate mob. Also note that while the starting level's put down as 70, this camp really shines once Black Mages reach Level 74 and 75 and gain access to Blizzard IV and Thunder IV, respectively.


Selphiechanofcarbuncle said...

The camp is so overcrowded with Blackmage party or soloers or duoers on Carbuncle you basically camp these with stun claiming just to exp.

Unknown said...

5 BLMs and a very good BRD can own this camp. I've seen up to chain #39.

Unknown said...

5 very good blm and any ole bard can own this camp.

Unknown said...

ZOMG - Level Synced to 75, me on RDM and 5 BLMs got Chain 84! Just hit up the automaton/troll puppetmaster nearby to keep that baby rolling. Was pull magic!