33-36 Behemoth's Dominion

* Supports 1 party
* Silent Oils required to reach camp.

Fields of Valor:
Book: (L-9)
Page 1:
3x Lesser Gaylas, 2x Greater Gaylas (350xp/gil)
Page 2:
3x Lesser Gaylas, 2x Evil Weapon (400xp/gil)

Target mobs:
Primary: Lesser Gaylas
* Bat (Triplet)
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Darkness

Primary: Greater Gayla
* Bat (Single)
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing Weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Darkness

Secondary: Demonic Weapon
* Weapon
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Magic
* Not Linking
* Weak against Fire
* Slight resistance against all other elements (+12.5% Magic Def)

You will have to cross through a section of Qufim Island filled with sound aggro Bats in order to reach Behemoth's Dominion. However, as they are also magic-aggresive Weapons in the area, Silent Oils are recommended.

There are two primary camps in Behemoth's Dominion, marked on the map. The camp on the right is safer, but has longer pulls and may run low on mobs if the west camp is occupied.

The western camp is more dangerous, but has the potential for greater xp, being able to pull from either side of the tunnel, as well as ending a chain on a Demonic Weapon (which the eastern camp doesn't really have access to). However, if you are camping on the western camp, watch for undead (Lost Soul) pops in the vincinity at night.

Also note that Lesser Gaylas use Jet Stream (a multi-hit attack which can absorb up to three shadows), while Greater Gayla do not.

Personally, the xp from Lesser Gaylas became a little too low for my liking once somebody hit level 36. While it is possible to just try pulling Greater Gayla and Demonic Weapons to continue onto 37 or so, I suspect there would be too much Lesser Gaylas in the way to really make such a plan practical.


sorakirei said...

My Sunday group recently tried the eastern camp and had great difficulties. Our party was level 33 and consisted of RDM/WHM, THF/WAR, BRD/WHM, NIN/WAR, DRG/WAR, SMN/WHM. The Lesser Gaylas were fine, but the Greater Gayla were quite difficult and resulted in more than one death. What didn't help was that a Greater Gayla would always spawn near camp thus causing links on a regular basis.

DrDre said...

This is much more of a 34-37 camp. Exp is still good at 37 with occasional T's. 33 Id only do if it was like bard or mages, but with a ninja tank this place is so great and very good till 37-38 (with 38 we still got alot of pulls for 180xp on chains)

Deltino said...

I just ptyed here last night and it was awesome xp. i would highly recommend a blu to head butt for nin tanks and a refresh. the Lesser Gaylas kept shadows down with their Jet Stream attack and draining my whm MP quickly. my pty set up was WHM/BLM NIN/WAR BLU/NIN THF/NIN SAM/WAR SAM/WAR