50-53 Boyahda Tree

* WHM recommended.
* Popular NPC Fellow spot.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Bark Spider
* Spider
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice

This camp is a very nice place to bridge Garlaige Citadel and Kuftal Tunnel. Note that while there are three recommended camp sites, I don't think this place can really support more than two parties. Spiders didn't repop all that quickly, if memory serves me correctly.

You may need more than one person to pull though, since the spiders are rather scattered, and there are several tunnels from which to pull from. The obvious move here is to rotate pulling from each tunnel giving time for the first tunnel to respawn its spiders by the time you're done with the rest.

Remember, the Spider Web's Slow effect overrides Haste. A White Mage is recommended to Erase the Slow first, then reapply Haste, particularly when bringing a Ninja tank down here.

One thing to note is that with the release of NPC "fellows", a lot of players have taken to leveling up their NPC fellow off the same Bark Spiders that you are xp'ing off, so double check that there are enough mobs leftover before heading on down.


QB~ said...

I just pt'd here w/ a lvl 54 BLM and spiders were /checking IT to him. Exp was pretty good too. I'd say spiders cut off at lvl 55.

*fixed spelling error*

Cemantics said...

This camp is not good at 50, i went there and fights took so long they where hitting me as nin 200-250 i am not impressed and without a whm don't bother going

Saikyo said...

I'm not sure whether they have beefed these spiders up. I came here with an all 51 PT and the first fight we could barely make a dent in these things. Even with sushi and +22 ACC I could hardly hit them and our PLD was taking huge damage from every shot he took. Eventually we had to pop 2hrs just to finish the damn thing off.

It's weird as I have partied here before around this level and done fine. Not anymore it would seem.

Anonymous said...

yeah dont go here @ 50... we even tried @ 52 the next day... still bad may try 52 when we get there... or just go straight to kuftal. citadel @ the 2nd gate is ok... keep running out of mobs lol

Anonymous said...

i came here from 50-55 and the xp was fine, but kind of petered off at 55/56, but it was fine cuz we were killing so fast. 50-53 went fine for all my parties, idk what happened w/ u guys tho. maybe party setup or someone wasnt doing their job right?

Bill said...

This camp is 53-55 recommended.

Do not come here any earlier, as it'll be very long, drawn out battles >_<;


Zabza said...

tried here with a 51-52, rough but easily doable if you got a good party. fights weren't that long even with 2 melees at 51 and a 51 BLU missing quite a bit. despite all this, still much better exp than to fight over the usually overcamped beetles for ~100exp each, as nobody usually comes here.