29-31 Attohwa Chasm

* Chains of Promathia required.

Target mob:
Master: Goblin Pathfinder
Pet: Goblin's Gallinipper
Pet Level Range: 31-33
Approximate HP: 270-300hp
* Fly
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Piercing weapons
* Weak against Ice
* Strong against Wind

Other aggressive mobs:
* Goblins (Sight)

Other linking mobs:
* Gallinipper (Sound)

This camp is a little bit annoying because of two things- first, the surrounding Gallinippers, all of which will link to your pet via sound, make some otherwise clean pulls difficult. Secondly, the Goblin Pathfinder has a large wandering area, so finding a safe spot to rest and still be able to keep track of the BST's whereabouts so you can maintain the chain may get rather annoying.

Besides that though, the camp is actually fairly decent. There are a few other goblins in the area to watch out for, but I found them easy to avoid.

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Unknown said...

L-8 is also a good camp. There is only 1 gob and 1 other fly to link, but this fly stays out of range except for very few moments. Biggest pain is getting to it since it's all the way around the N side of the Tor.