69(72)-75 King Ranperre's Tomb

* Supports 2 parties.
* BLM party or MNK party highly recommended.

General Commentarus:
When I say "highly recommended", I mean "practically compulsory", mostly because most standard setups won't even think of coming here without either a manaburn party, or a Monk party.

Monk parties go from around 72-75, with much less level pressure on RDMs and BRDs.
Manaburn parties generally go from 69-75, when BLMs learn Firaga III.

Your targets are as follows, from strongest to weakest:
Lemure (Ghost)
Spartoi Sorcerer (Skeleton, BLM)
Spartoi Warrior (Skeleton, WAR)
Hati (Hound)

Target mobs:
Primary: Spartoi Skeletons
* Skeleton
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Low HP
* Not Linking
* Weak to Blunt weapons
* Strong against Slashing weapons
* Very Strong against Piercing weapons
* Weak to Fire
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Ice
* Very Strong against Darkness

Spartoi Warrior (WAR)
Spartoi Sorcerer (BLM)

Primary: Lemure
* Ghost
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Low HP
* Not Linking
* Strong against Slashing weapons
* Strong against Piercing weapons
* Very Strong against Blunt weapons
* Weak to Fire
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Ice
* Very Strong against Darkness

Secondary: Hati
* Hound
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Low HP
* Not Linking
* Weak to Fire
* Weak to Light
* Strong against Ice
* Strong against Darkness

Monk party Commentarus:

Monk party Requirements/Notes:
* BRD required.
* All (non-WHM) mages sub /WHM required.
* Mages prepare to Paralyna, Blindna, and Erase.

Monk parties are moving parties, with a typical setup of MNK MNK MNK RDM WHM BRD. This isn't terribly flexible, although sometimes you can replace either the WHM or RDM with a fourth MNK if so desired. Bear in mind the consequences though- if you don't have a RDM, Juices/Yagudo Drinks are practically required.

Pulling is a little strange. One way is to play things safe, and actually have the RDM or BRD go out and "pull" the mob. The more abusive way of pulling uses the Undead's aggro traits (aggro to low HP) to actually bring nearby undead to where the fighting is, before the BRD sleeps them with Lullaby. Note that it would be practically impossible to sleep the undead via a BLM's or RDM's Sleep spell.

Strange as it may sound, mana is your #1 enemy here, in particular, your White Mage's mana. Even with Ballad I, Ballad II, and Refresh, a WHM's mana pool shrinks very quickly, so all forms of mana conservation are key here. I preferred having the Red Mage handle the Hastes and Refreshes, leaving the WHM free to focus on healing.

If you have a Red Mage, pulling Lemures and Spartoi Sorcerers with Silence isn't too bad an idea, especially on the higher chains when you can't really afford to waste time waiting for the mob's spell to be interrupted before it comes running towards you. Be careful of Sleepga II from the Lemures and Spartoi Sorcerers though.

Lemures don't share the same damage weakness traits towards Blunt weapons as the other Undead do, so if not handled properly, really can put the brakes on a MNK party's chain. Fortunately, a WHM's Banish spell temporarily strips this weapon resistance away, letting the MNKs do full damage to the Lemure for a few seconds. Thus, when encountering a Lemure, have your WHM Banish II or Banish III, letting the MNKs go on {Full attack!} for a few seconds.

There are two main "routes" which MNK parties rampage through King Ranperre's Tomb. The western route (ala "The Loop") is good for people who need to get the hang of things. You won't get the ridiculous 30+ chains you hear of but it's still solid xp, fetching around Chain 20 on a good run. If you're particularly good though, you might find yourself completing the loop before the repops, in which case you might want to consider the other route.

The second route heads towards Vrtra, starting from the left, and ending inside the Vrtra room. For obvious reasons, this is cut short if Vrtra is actually up and about, but hopefully your server has an HNM LS that clears Vrtra with some regularity. ^^ However, this this isn't a loop, you might have to sneak up and run back to the beginning again to restart the run without messing with the pops.

The Vrtra route lets you make the larger chains, although such chains are almost completely dependant on the skill of your Bard. The trick is to pull the undead using their "aggro-to-low-HP" trait, and then Lullaby them on the way back, thus creating a path of sorts to lead the party on.

The hard part is knowing where the large gaps are, since that's the more taxing part of being a Bard puller, but an experience Bard puller will be able to chain all the undead from the start to the finish.


Manaburn party Commentarus:

Manaburn party Requirements/Notes:
* All BLMs Level 69+ recommended.

Black Mage manaburn parties can start here as early as level 69, making sure all BLMs are at least level 69 for Firaga III. As you progress in levels, upgrade to Fire IV, then to Thunder IV. BLM parties generally start the chain with Spartoi Warriors and build up to Lemures- rarely do they engage the Hati.

You can typically get by with just four BLMs, although five is really preferable. Bards are preferred to RDMs because Bards can actually sleep the undead, while a Red Mage's Sleep II spell will more likely than not, be resisted.

This is different from your typical earlier manaburn style, when someone would pull the mob, and the BLMs would Sleep the mob before co-ordinating a barrage of Ancient Magic. Here, just cast Firaga III (or whatever the spell of choice is) as soon as the mob is within range. Use Lullaby or Stun to buy some time for the spells to go off.


Seeker Onos said...

KRT (King Ranperre's Tomb) can also be fun for all-Summoner PTs, over level 70.

Bard not required (but nice to have for getting up to chain 6-7).

Granted, with a SMNx6 party, you won't be pillaging KRT like a manaburn, but considering what a pain it is to get any kind of fast xp as a SMN... it did well for me for 70-75. It sure beat soloing the high level snolls up past Jormungand for several hours. :P

Pulling is pretty straightforward, and you can avoid pulling Lemures - simply use sneak and sic Carbuncle on the bones. I had a macro that released Carby (I could do it running back to the camp by the cermet door to the Strange Apparatus) where the other SMN would be waiting to sic Titan (blunt damage, "Mountain Buster" BP for average 900-1200 damage per hit).

The five Titans would basically one-shot the skeleton. Rotate out the puller with a SMN with the best MP recovery or -BP cost gear toward the end of the chain if needed.

Tarusofo BLM 75 said...

Heya! grats on this page but as well, at 69-70 we did Flare (less viable for mp) cuz 2 of our blm's were having a lot of resists (elvaans with not satisfying equipment :P) and therefore it ended in brd getting killed. Thus, I recommend Flare with a good timing even tho u'll only get up to chain #5.

Anonymous said...

as a 75mnk who spent lot time here befor eexpansion, i can say that a whm is definatly a negative to have in mnk partys prefference is just a rdm and brd with a 4th mnk.Whm just cant suport a party in here and ends up slowing it down with need to regain mp specially if its a roaming party. and brd pulling isnt evan a nesesity cus the mnks just run from mob to mob droping them i couple secs each. Also their is a peicing hand 2 hand weapon now if u lucky enough to get that can macro in called but vampiric claws but most times mnks can drop the ghost preety fast just using a 3 skillchain combo resulting in both fusion and light. Far as brd pullers teir most helpfull if the party is stationary lik e in hiiden room but most mnk partys shoudl be able handle roaming not long after xping here. A smner to can be the healer with better suport over a whm here since auto refresh and the amout mp they have (just remmbered been a while lol).

Selphiechanofcarbuncle said...

Came here with a BRD,WHM,MNK,MNK,MNK,MNK

The white mage almost never had MP lol

maan84 said...

2 MNK 1 BRD 1 RDM 1 DRG/WHM 5 man PT.
Drg using blunt lance and saving angon for ghost and you can chain unlimited going the right way, the drg/whm doing all the healing, always have full mp, rdm haste enfebb and help if u somehow get aga by ghost etc, legsweep by drg yes please. Drg is superb in these kinds of pt.

Unknown said...

WHM WHM WHM WHM BRD BRD is also pretty amazing down in KRT, if the WHMs have a decent /NIN build. I highly recommend it to any WHMs who want to have a good time.