38-41 East Ronfaure [S]

* Wings of the Goddess required.
* East Ronfaure maw.
* Supports 5 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Colibri
* Colibri
* Not Aggro
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Very Strong against Wind

Primary: Ladybug
* Ladybug
* Aggro to Sight (daytime only)
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Strong against Wind

This place is pretty close to xp-heaven as you can get for something in this level range. Due to the soft, squishy mobs and fast repops, with the right setup, you can easily hit xp rates very close to that of a merit party. Rates of 8k/hr and upwards are not difficult to attain here.

Don't be deceived by the name- the Colibris here do not mime offensive magic spells like their cousins in the Aht Urhgan areas. Ladybugs are slightly harder than Colibri, and their behaviour changes depending on whether it is day or night. At night, Ladybugs are not aggressive, and have very minimal TP moves. However, in the day, they are aggressive, and gain several annoying TP moves, such as AoE Attack Down, Accuracy Down and Amnesia.

Personally, my favourite camp is the one at H-9. However, the others work just as well, although some of course come with the added benefit of roaming Pixies.


Yukito said...

Really nice camp for DRG solo. At (I-9) you'll have plenty of colibris to fight and a pixie is roaming near. I recommend however to avoid Ladybugs as amnesia will block healing breath ^^; Went there from lvl 46 while seeking. I think you could begin at 45 with no trouble at all ^^

Surely a nice camp for a xp party~~

Unknown said...

This camp is incredible and very fun. Pops are fast, exp is delicious, and mobs are very very squishy. Also Ladybugs use very few TP moves at night and give more exp than in the day. We got up to chain 12, only reason chain stopped was because there was a farmer there too.
Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

Unknown said...

Very nice camp. Did a level sync party here last night and got a little over 8k in an hour of non-hardcore pulling. Ladybugs are bit more annoying than birds, but nothing too challenging. It's good enough that I'm going to try to find a 38 tonight and return to the camp

Spraynard said...

The only setback to these camps would be player availablity. Some people at this level may not have access to East Ronfaure [S], even if they have the expansion, there is some considerable work getting to this Maw. Although through time, this should become less of a problem. I agree this camp is amazing though, one of the few great WotG camps that was introduced!

Unknown said...

This camp is even more incredible with the inclusion of level sync. I successfully went from 38 to 50 COR at this camp alone, swaping on a fresh 38 whenever the level syncy rose above 40. We averaged 15k/hour, this was achieved using a PL however. Without one, 10k is still well achievable however with a BRD and COR.

grevis said...

I did a party here the other day got up to 18k/hr and chain 30

Chinky said...

Amazing camp. With a PL and skilled friends, SAM DRG PLD RNG BRD COR, chain 52 with upwards of 20k an hour. Lv.37-64 here in 3days. Highly recommended camp. Don't miss the opportunity to lvl here, you will not be disappointed.

Evilpaul said...

I've been leveling here since level 37 Ranger (now level 53) in Level Sync parties.

You can start here at level 35-36 provided you have a Bard and/or Corsair.

No BRD/COR and you'll probably want to wait until 38 or so for most jobs.

Msthief said...

I just spent the last two days, leveling 5 people from 37-41ish. We were fully PL'd with cor/brd, 3 DD's and a tank-dd (war/nin in some cases, other times just a first voke). In general we bottomed out around 12-14k/hr when we were 35-37, jumped up to 18-20k/hr 38-40, then topped out over 25k/hr from 41-42. Because it got so late, we had to stop at chain 173 after someone dinged 44 (we started at 42).

This is a great location guys, if anyone owes you any favors have them PL you here a couple hours... it's absolutely glorious.