73-75 Castle Oztroja [S]

* Wings of the Goddess required.
* Supports 1 party.
* TP burn setup recommended.
* THF with Feint recommended.

Target mobs:
Primary: 2nd tier Yagudo
* Yagudo
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Ice

Yagudo Abbot (WHM)
Yagudo Conductor (BRD)
Yagudo Flagellant (MNK)
Yagudo Hierogrammat (BLM)
Yagudo Norikazu (NIN)
Yagudo Superior (SMN)
Yagudo Yojimbo (SAM)

Secondary: 1st tier Yagudo
* Yagudo
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Ice

Yagudo Chanter (BRD)
Yagudo Eradicator (NIN)
Yagudo High Priest (WHM)
Yagudo Knight Templar (SAM)
Yagudo Prioress (SMN)
Yagudo Sentinel (MNK)
Yagudo Prelate (BLM)

This is certainly one of the more fun merit camps to do, because you literally rampage your way to the top of Castle Oztroja. Technically, the real mobs you merit off start from behind the second Brass Door (marked "C" on the map), but why start there when you can fight your way up?

If you choose to fight your way all the way up to the top of Castle Oztroja, there are a few things to keep in mind. Follow the above-marked red line all the way to the top of the castle. The weaker, first tier Yagudo lie in between the first and second Brass Doors (marked "A" and "C" respectively), while the mobs at and beyond the second Brass Doors are the second tier Yagudo that you are after.

Remember to send one party member to look up the level combination at the point marked "B" on the first map. There are two Yagudo mobs inside the hidden room there that you will need to kill anyway. Then, as the party is about to finish clearing the mobs at the second Brass Doors at "C", have one member open the doors using the same four-lever combination you saw earlier to maintain the chain.

Note that the combination changes every game day, so if the day changes, you may need to spend more time trying to open the door through trial and error.

What is so nice about this merit camp is that although you are xp'ing off beastmen mobs, most of the mobs you are fighting are the weaker mage types, and even then, the melee ones don't have that much HP either. However, there are two things that will break your chain- distance between mobs along some corridors, and Gnats.

There are only 4 or 5 Gnats en route to the top, but Gnats have extremely high evasion and have AoE Slow (overwrites Haste) and an AoE move that resets everybody's TP to zero. If you have a THF, use Feint to reduce its evasion- they are spaced out enough that by the time you reach another Gnat, Feint's cooldown would have reset. RDMs can Gravity. Have your puller call out when the next mob is a Gnat, so the melees know to save their TP on their current mob- most of the mobs are weak enough that good melees can still keep the chain going without any weaponskills.

By the time you reach the top, one circuit around where the coffer mobs are should take you long enough that the mobs on the way down would start to respawn. If that's the case, then continue the chain all the way back down again. If you want to go infinite here however, you will have to contend with chaining the mobs outside the first Brass door while waiting for the mobs behind to respawn.


Foulei / Visit said...

aggressive links can slow down a party, For this camp have more then one sleeper the yags link from afar and your pty can get wiped fast

Okinoki said...

This was a great camp and still is but with the addition of the new NM in the zone that drop the baskets they can easily wipe a party if you run into one! Take care when climbing ;) Overall pretty fast exp and a nice change from the usual camps!