72-75 Grauberg [S]

* Wings of the Goddess required.
* Pashhow Marshlands maw.
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Ajattara
* Wyvern
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Darkness
* Strong against Wind
* Very Strong against Fire

It's a long, long walk from the Pashhow Marshlands maw to this camp, so be sure your party is willing to stay for a quite some time. Thankfully, because of that, this place will almost certainly be open.

That being said, I personally would avoid a typical TP burn setup here. The Ajattaras here seemed to love their dispel move, at least, it certainly seemed that way from here, so it would be difficult for the mages to maintain the buffs required for the melee to really make this a good TP burn camp.

This place works just fine for the more traditional setups though. Your camps are scattered around the large open area that's labeled "Skyrend" on the map. Personally, I felt that the western-most point served as a good spot to place your camp, just in front of where the peak overlooks the Crag of Dem.


ad3285 said...

It has nice scenery there too :D

Millions Knives said...

how do you get into partys that randomly think 'Hmm... lets try the "Skyrend" area in Grauberg S!"?? lol

Daba said...

Tried to camp here. When I formed PT and said let's go to Grauberg to try this place out I got a sorry I gotta pass message and they disbanded. Since the ones that disbanded are the PLD and the WHM, we have no party and hence, we disbanded. Tried to invite them back to go on another camp and the were taken by others in a flash.

Some people. And their attitudes.

Araelus said...

Might a party be willing to use the Campaign warp and walk west from the Grauberg Guntower? It's faster than the Maw walk.

Seraphe said...

Our RDM/WHM was bitching about the Paralyze. But we DDs had fun =P

Jeff Smith said...

The 120-170 Exp you get per mob is fail. We went with COR BRD RDM WARx3 and it was about 9k hr.

Far Pulls, Silence, Paralyze, Dispel = Pissed off Mages