59-63 Aydeewa Subterrane

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Defoliator (59-63)
* Crawler
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Primary: Aydeewa Diremite (61-64) *see notes
* Diremite
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Water
* Weak to Light

Top map:
Zone into the Aydeewa Subterrane from the south-east corner of (G-10) from the Wajaom Woodlands (the entrance marked "3" on the Vana'diel Atlas.

You could camp at the zone line back to the Wajaom Woodlands, which is safer, however there is a Great Ametrat that obstructs access to the majority of the Defoliators in the room.

The suggested camp is instead in the tunnel to the west, with two Slime Molds at the back, which will destroy your party should you get aggro. There are two tree-branches that creep up the sizes of that tunnel. Take these branches as a "DO NOT CROSS" line, lest you get aggro from the Slime Molds.

Lower map:
Zone into the Aydeewa Subterrane from either (I-6) of the Wajaom Woodlands to get to the northern camp, or (I-10) to get to the southern camp. Either way, if the camp you get to is occupied, you can simply walk to the other without having to leave the Subterrane.

The northern camp holds only Defoliators, while the southern camp has Defoliators mixed in with higher level Aydeewa Diremites, which you can xp off from Level 61 onwards. Hence, the southern camp is more suited to higher level parties, although it could hold two parties- one on Diremites, the other on Defoliators. Take care when pulling in the southern camps though, for there are Fossorial Fleas in the room that are aggro, and hard to see.


CooperWBC said...

Camp tonight in the northern Camp(I-6). Was a very good night.

Level Spread: 60-61
EXP Gained: 14k
Time: 2.5 Hrs (if you don't count breaks, little over 3 hours total)

Comments: Plenty of targets to choose from. If you run out of crawlers, you can easily grab a Puktrap for filler(we only needed to grab 1 of these). The Camp was on this platform that was probably designed just for exp(Thank you SE for finally doing something for us). Mages on top Lvl, Melee on lower. 5 out of the 6 gained a lvl. When we started, with EXP Ring still in effect got a Chain #% for 370 exp. Later after we were 61-63 and ring wore off, we'd get 150-250 exp for kills. Chains Very easy. :)Huray for Sanction and ISP.

Special Notes: Defoliators Track by Scent. There are lots of little pools in this room, so when you pull, and run through one of these pools, you might lose yor pull. Took me a while to figure out why after th pool it would just randomly stop, and we'd have to voke/cast before it depop'd. Nice when you have accidental Link.

kharvey10 said...

puktraps require a /whm for parlayna (palsy pollen), and either rdm or whm for haste (gleoussesus does not overwrite haste). If you're mixing them with crawlers, I strongly recommend not to use poisona on the poison breath attack. Puktraps have an short-distance sporofifc AOE that causes sleep. puktraps are decent if there are a lack of crawlers or you're anticipating a repop of a crawler.

the fleas are only the issue if you take the D-9 enterance. the ones around the crawlers/diremites are easier to avoid. there are just 2 or 3 of them, however.

Peter said...

Camped @ J-7.

Lv: 59-61
EXP/Hr: 7k

With my last pty i tried the camp @ H-8 on first map but i found there was just too much aggro and if you wernt carefull you would get aggro from either the Slimes or Morbols and our top chain was only #3. With my next pty i decided to try the J-7 camp which was A LOT better. The only thing in the room that aggros you are the crawlers and they are all spaced out enough for easy pulls and at this camp the pty was pulling off chain #5's with none stop pulls. I have yet to try out the south camp but i really do recommend the North camp.

bryela said...

Just wanted to comment that the northern camp on the bottom map (K-7) can only support ONE party. At initial glance, it may seem like there are enough mobs to support two parties, but the 16 minute repop timer on everything means that even for one party, sometimes you run out of crawlers to complete chain#5.

As mentioned above, you can fight Puktraps for filler (Soporific can screw your chain though), however, as parties near the Lv63 level range, kills are just that much faster meaning the entire room AND the little room to the Southeast (pos K-8 to L-8 and holds 4 crawlers) will have exactly enough mobs to make chain#5 consistently. As a PT of Lv62-63s, we would clear the entire area and end up with almost a roaming PT trying to find another mob to fight.

If even one lower level PT of 59s comes along and tries to compete with you for camp, then exp for both PTs will end up being unacceptably slow.

It is definitely worthwhile to do a /search of Aydeewa before heading out to camp here. If you see parties in Aydeewa, check with the PT leaders what the pos of their camp is and how long they'll be there for. This avoids much conflict and bad exp. ^~

Anonymous said...

The G-10 entrance we went with a 60 as the highest and got 276 off the first kill. That's with no rings or chain or anything. Yeah... So we're looking for a new camp now. lol

Unknown said...

Take The top map off of this... Its a terrible camp with no room for movement, and i don't see the fleas being mentioned either. Those can kill you while just walking across the room.

Jubi said...

Party Level: 61-62

I put together an XP party with some friends a couple of weeks ago and headed to the standard northern camps, only to find them both in use. We decided to try the southern camp instead, and it actually worked out quite well, although we used a different camp spot than the one marked on the map. The marked spot made us nervous because it had us pinned between the Slime Molds at the back of the tunnel and the Great Amertat that lurked near the tunnel opening. It was also difficult to see where the Great Amertat was from inside the tunnel, so we were afraid the puller would get aggro.

We camped on the platform in the middle of the room instead and had no problems whatsoever. There are a couple of Chigoe-like flea mobs that spawn on the platform, but they have a long re-spawn (at least 20 mins) and are killed instantly by crits or WSs, so they were easy to deal with. The platform also allows a complete view of the room so that you can see where the 3 Great Amertats are at all times--they moved rarely and only a small distance at a time, so they never got close enough to aggro, and it was easy to adjust our position on the platform a little bit if one seemed too close. We partied on the platform for at least 2 hours and had no Great Amertat aggro, little trouble with the fleas, no deaths, and pretty good XP (maybe 6-7k-ish an hour?).

Mudkip said...

Just camped here for a few hours at level 61. The EXP was horrid. Chain 5s were still in the 200s. Not sure as to why it was so bad, but...

Unknown said...

Got some decent (not amazing) EXP here (level sync) at 60-61, in the Northern camp on Map 2. Party setup was NIN DCR MNK WAR COR SCH. We killed easily at 60, I'd say a very good level 59 party could maintain the same pace and get more exp per kill. At 61 XP per hour dropped off noticeably.

We got constant Chain #5's by going to the small circular room just SE after clearing the main room. 4-5 Defoliators spawn there. Basically just go back and forth from that small room to the platform camp in the main northern room.

Unknown said...

This Camp is only good @ I-6 entrance and 60-63. Best set up is WHM, RDM, PLD, and 3 DD. Bards don't do well here unless you have a PL to take the RDM place. J

Glamdring said...

bring at least a /dnc lvl 30 and fleas are cake. The gravity flourish will 1-shot a flea. Handy if you are a puller. For those that say without /nin you are an XP sink I remind you that a /dnc has drain, 2 cures, the instykill just mentioned and if thf main, access to bloody bolts. Worry about the other players, for the most part, /dnc can take care of themselves, only needing help about as often as /nin do because they can't recast shadows