31-33 Yuhtunga Jungle

* All party members require a Key Item: Airship pass for Kazham.
* WHM32+ is very useful for Erase (if available).
* Teaming up with a Level 37-38 party is helpful. *see notes
* Supports 3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Soldier Crawler
* Crawler
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Of the four camps marked above, the red camps are on ground level, while the lone blue camp is underground.

If your party is alone, it is recommended that you take the blue camp, accessed by simply riding a chocobo to the top left-hand corner of (E-9), and falling down one of the holes there. The spot where you land may have one or two Soldier Crawlers, so camp a little ways into one of the tunnels leading out.

Note that the underground is a little confusing, so your puller may need some time to orientate him/herself. Pulls are also a little long in places, but nothing completely unmanageable.

The three red camps are all above ground, and while it is possible to camp at one of these places yourself, be warned that it is a lot more dangerous than underground because of all the Goblin Poachers and Robbers that roam the area, each of which has a rather substantial roaming radius. Hence, be prepared to deal with Goblin aggro every now and then, which is difficult, as the Goblins are on average five levels higher than the Soldier Crawlers.

This is where teaming up with a higher level party may come in handy. (see the "Recommendations/Notes".) If you were to come with a level 37-38 party, the two parties could co-operate together. The higher level party can focus on all the goblins in the area, clearing the way for your party to safely pull and engage the Soldier Crawlers.

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kharvey10 said...

you're missing another soldier crawler camp, just south of the ones you're mentioning, but in the middle of a group of somewhat weaker goblin furriers. furriers will still con vt-it at 31-33 but you will get several duds here and there.