53-56 King Ranperre's Tomb

* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Dire Bats
* Bat
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Darkness

Primary: Armet Beetle (55-57)
* Beetle
* Aggro by Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light

Your camp is quite literally where you end up when you teleport into the higher area of King Ranperre's Tomb. It's rather cramped since there is a Dire Bat pop very close to camp, so take care. The worms do not aggro.

The (slightly) higher camp is further into King Ranperre's Tomb, fighting Armet Beetles in addition to Dire Bats. Camp just at the base of the stairs that lead outside, although be careful as you still may attract aggro from the Beetles behind.

Be very careful when pulling, as links will be very problematic. Neither camp provides a safe spot to run away, and bats are resistant to Sleep.


Calcula said...

Actually, the bats follow you out now. You need some new tactics if you have link trouble. If you have a rdm, and the puller or someone besides the tank can grab hate, have rdm cast gravity and the kiter can take the bat outside for a while. Otherwise, get a beast or bard for link control. Those bats are hard to sleep with dark element spells.

xilion said...

After bats you can level up on Beetles and scorpions. Continue down the tunnel and camp @ the opening. 3 beetles pop dirrectly above the hole and there are others on the surface behind the walls, be careful though, the saplings agro (learned that the hard way). scorps are ~10 minute respawn and the beetles are ~5, you can also chain the bats for cloes to 100xp each.

Unknown said...

If bats run low at the lower camp you can add in a worm to continue the chain until more bats are available.

Ryan said...

Tried to camp at the zone line w/ mostly 53 PT- mobs too sparse and Worms barely gave three digit XP when one hit 55. The stair camp listed here was stellar! Unusual area, no competition and 6-8K an hour (no bands of any kind)

We ocassionally tossed Cherry Saplings into the mob mix and it was a great option. They do have high AoE DMG and AoE sleep, but nothing a solid PT can't overcome to keep a chain alive. It just diverts MP from Dispel to Curaga.

BLU, BRD or COR a good idea for light based Sleep (bat links) and Dispel.