52-55 Kuftal Tunnel

* RDM or BRD practically required.
* Supports 4 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Robber Crab
* Crab
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Strong against Water

If you stick to the more conventional camps, Kuftal Tunnel is the start of a loooong line of crabs for you to kill. While most people won't even think of xp'ing without a Red Mage or a Bard for the mana Refresh, those two jobs are even more important here because the Robber Crabs love to spam buffs on themselves, not to mention that they also like using Bubble Shower (AoE STR-Down) to keep White Mages happy, too.

The passageway that spans (I-4) through to (I-7) is quite literally infested with Robber Crabs for you to xp on, so while pulls might be long if the place is crowded, it's unlikely you'll actually run out of mobs. The Cape Terrigan zone camp can even support two parties if camps are all taken, although it is a rather tight squeeze in there.

One thing to be very careful of if you're not camping at the Cape Terrigan zone, is Guivre that occasionally pops around to make life interesting. Guivre will make mincemeat of you and your party, so if you see him, put up both Sneak and Invisible and /shout to warn the zone know that he is around. Having a wyvern run rampage across the xp parties might look funny, but he really does disrupt things, especially since he wanders all over the top floor of Kuftal, too. I hear he despawns eventually, if left alone, although I have no idea how long it takes for him to do so.


Kirsteena said...

I was there once xping and Guivre was up for at least 2 hours - I call him justice to the Amemet camping gilsellers....

kharvey10 said...

around 54 you can start fish those sand lizards, the altepa zone is the better spot for these.

the other major threat besides Guivre is Air Elementals. they spawn over by the worms. silent oils are essential to get to the terrigan side.

Cubswoo said...

Blue Mages can also overwrite Scissor Guard with Frightful Roar, if you can't find anyone with Dispel.

Korey Jackson said...

Blue Mages also have a dispel ability called Geist Wall if the party is lack MP regen support but still has a white mage.

Merylana said...

Acid Bolts will also dispel crabs Defense Up move. They won't dispel the shell one though.

Cemantics said...

umm, you think as 51 nin you could push this place? its a great place to xp

besides blm getting hate here, if you burst with freeze either have a good tank or PT at cape terrigan zone so you can zone. many blm die that way. also if your at front zone, well people will be camping him amenit is there so watch out for him.

( Fixed spelling errors )

Inia said...

Whoever is doing Dispel really needs to remember to take off Bubble Curtain (Shell) as well as Scissor Guard (Protect).

Erase is also really good to have here, to take care of the STR down on the melee from Bubble Shower.

Harry XI said...

This is a very popular place for skill-up parties. If you go here on a full day, you'll have to fight for every crab you kill. This slows the xp way down.