66-68 Den of Rancor

* White Mage required (for Stona).
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Tormentor
* Lizard
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Wind

Enter from (J-7) of the Yhoator Jungle, just by Bloodlet Spring, or north of the Outpost. Once you zone in, you're practically at camp. Have the White Mage methodically keep Barfira up as per normal against all Lizard mobs for extra insurance against Fireball. While you won't have to go further into the Den of Rancor, make sure the puller doesn't fall through the holes down the right hand tunnel.

There might be a random, lone Puck in the middle of the Tormentors that you should be aware of, as it aggroes by Sound, but it's only slightly harder than the surrounding Tormentors.

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Riamondo said...

came here with 66-68 party, save camp. The lizzies like to do their usual stuff, poison, petrify, and fireball, but also use a silence move a lot. this will keep your mages busy.
exp 150-250 w/o band per kill.
A melee heavy party will take these out w/o major problems.