56-60 Kuftal Tunnel

* WHM highly recommended (for Viruna).
* NM: Yowie
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Deinonychus
* Raptor
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak against Water
* Strong against Fire

Primary: Goblin
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Light

Goblin Alchemist (WHM)
Goblin Bandit (THF)
Goblin Mercenary (WAR)
Goblin Tamer (BST)

These are one of my personal favourites. Both camps are quite far apart, so there shouldn't be any competition unless two parties take the same camp. -_-

Some things to note is that the tank should try to keep the mob faced away from all the mages, lest they get diseased from the Raptor's breath attack. You'll need a White Mage to Viruna it off. Of course, you could party here without a White Mage, but your tank had better be legendary. Disease lasts a long time. >_<

If you're camping my the pond, be sure not to use any AoE effects, otherwise you might hit one of the Worms around the place. Pull from either one of the three tunnels leading to the pond. Sometimes, people will be around for the Phantom Worm, whose spawning ??? is nearby. Be careful if your local server's gilsellers are in the area though- they might MPK whoever spawned the Phantom Worm and you'll be collateral damage. The people fishing behind you are after Devil Mantas. Also, the raptors you are xp'ing off are also placeholders for Yowie. We tried killing Yowie, but he made short work of our Ninja. >_<

If you're camping by the ??? for Tachi: Kasha, there is a raptor spawn fairly close to camp, so be careful. You can pull from either end of the tunnel.

As the party gets higher (towards 60), you can also start xp'ing off the Goblins that wander around the area.


Cemantics said...

I really recommend this camp and if your feeling the party take on yowie, he is so weak and easy jus alot of hp...and pulls from 3 directions if you pick that camp

Anonymous said...

yes this camp is outstanding. but be prepared to deal with gilsellers killing your raptors. i brought me static there and has to deal with them camping yowie, the phantom worm and a hugely weak black mage in my own party. guy was wearing the silk armor set and nothing else. >.<

if the place is empty you party will have a wonderful time here. if sellers are on the lose i'd recomend going elsewhere.

Unknown said...

A 57-59 party is better off leaving Yowie alone. We managed to kill it, but not without three deaths which included our tank (PLD), RDM, and RNG. It hit on average of 180-240 per attack on the PLD with blocked attack doing 60-90.