67-71 Kuftal Tunnel

* WHM required (for Stona).
* All mages /WHM recommended (for Paralyna).
* One stack of Echo Drops recommended per mage/PLD/NIN.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Ovinnik
* Tiger
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Lightning
* Strong against Ice

Primary: Greater Cockatrice
* Cockatrice
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak against Wind
* Strong against Earth

The camps are in the lower levels of the Kuftal Tunnel, where the higher-level mobs are. To get below, head to the main sand room and go to the side tunnel that runs east to west. There may, or may not be a rock blocking the way down to the lower levels- if there is one, just wait ten minutes or so for it to go down. There are Recluse Spiders nearby (sound aggro) as well as an Ovinnik near the top (sight aggro), and if that wasn't enough, there may also be some Air Elementals (magic aggro) nearby, too. Push come to shove though, it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

Pull from either end of the tunnel. Camps are behind the rock that goes down every 10-15 minutes, allowing access to the lower areas of Kuftal Tunnel. Keep the mages and melee separate for there are some AoE effects you don't want the mages to get hit by.

Mages should pre-empt the following abilities:
Roar (Ovinniks): AoE Paralyze.
Baleful Gaze (Greater Cockatrice): Single target Petrification.
Sound Vacuum (Greater Cockatrice): Line-of-Sight Silence.

Roar is particularly annoying since it is AoE. Assign each mage with a melee to Paralyna in order to make things easier. The (I-7) camp (more north) actually has an Ovinnik pop in camp, but is rather rare, and easily dealt with.

Roaming merit point parties are also possible here, although since you will be taking up everybody else's mobs, please be considerate of others and check that the bottom of Kuftal Tunnel is actually empty before you go. Generally speaking though, merit parties will find the mobs really weak, and so maximize on their melee's damage output.

The best results I've seen from a merit point party in Kuftal involve three DD melees that are either NIN or /NIN, two BRDs, and either a WHM (for Stona) or RDM/WHM (yes, some parties go without a Stona!)

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kharvey10 said...

if you want to see large chains, you take a full level 75 pt (4x war/nin, whm, bard) and go into a moving party. you start on the tigers, move to the cockatrices, and then try to close chains on the ladons. the mobs range T to IT, with the tigers being the weaker mobs. cockatrices are still VT-IT at 75, and ladons are IT at 75. we have seen chain 14 and couple chain 11-12s. the chain killer usually involves the potential one-shotters (2 from ladon, one from cockatrice) that usually have to hit at the worst time, or when you run out of mobs. i can only imagine how big they would if it was 3x war/nin, rdm, whm, brd. i simply couldn't give them haste b/c it was 40 mp, with a 20 second recast, and every time i tried doing so there would be an one-shotter that would killed one of them. so warriors, please get some haste gear (quick belt, panther mask, etc) if you can b/c you won't be getting haste unless its an emergency.