59-63 Monastic Cavern

* At least one party member requires a Key Item: Crimson Orb.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Orcs
* Orc
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Water

Orcish Champion (MNK)
Orcish Dragoon (DRG)
Orcish Dreadnought (WAR)
Orcish Farkiller (RNG)
Orcish Protector (PLD)

There are two possible campsites in the Monastic Cavern- one just at the zone to the Monastic Cavern, and one just by the ??? for the Orcish crest that's needed for Genkai 3. If you're camping by the ??? however, take care not to drop down into te lower level region of the Monastic Cavern.

Note that the camp isn't immediately accessible through Davoi. You have you first zone into the Monastic Cavern from Davoi, then re-enter the higher-level region of Davoi (the house on the hill), before zoning back into the Monastic Cavern through the Wall of Banishing (which requires a Crimson Orb to open). If you have someone familiar with how to get to the ??? for the Orcish Crest, more power to you.

Orcs have a lot of HP, especially since all the mobs you fight here are heavy melee, with the exception of Farkillers. Orcish Protectors are a particular nuisance, and are even slightly higher up in level compared to the other Orcs. Expect the fights to go long, ending on a Chain #4. Fortunately, this place seems to be less crowded in recent times thanks to alternate CoP locations, so it is still a good fallback if other places are crowded.

Be very careful not to accidentally pull, or link any of the HNM Orcs (Orcish Hexspinner, Overlord, Warlord, or Overlord Bakgodek). Since they are also HNM, be careful when passing through the area en route to the ??? camp since they also have true sight, although if you just hug your left hand wall while going to camp, you'll be fine.

1 comment:

Altana said...

Tried it today with a 59-62 group, needless to say it was pretty rough. monk-type orcs decimated the ninja, and took hours upon hours to kill.
Although it does have loads and loads of privacy and the drg,war type orcs were too weak. Bring a higher level tank if you plan on taking these on.