34-36 Eldieme Necropolis

* RDM highly recommended. (for Dispel & Silence)
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Gazer
* Hecteyes
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Strong against Blunt weapons
* Strong against Darkness

Enter the Eldieme Necropolis from the (G-8) Batallia Downs entrance. People who have already completed their Fellowship quest will recognise this place since this is where the first ??? for the skeleton fight is.

A Red Mage is important here because Gazers are mage mobs, and will generally already have Blaze Spikes on them, which needs to be Dispelled or Finale'd. In addition, they can cast assorted magics, including some -ga spells, so Silence is also important to have here. Silence can wear off pretty quickly though, so be vigilant with reapplying it.

Hex Eyes is an AoE Paralyze move that only affects players that are facing towards the mob. Because of that, have the mages facing away from the Gazer when fighting. The melees will get Paralyzed, so assign a melee to each mage for Paralyna, although the Paralyze effect wears off in about ten seconds anyway.


kharvey10 said...

only the tank is in front of gazer, the mages face away, melee behind gazer

there is another gazer camp in the western most eldieme enterance with couple lost souls tossed in. do that camp with a monk party around the 35-37 range.

Daba said...

My party was composed of pairs of 35, 36 and 37. We pulled and killed the Bombs when we killed all of the Gazers too. Of course, keep Barfira up for measure. I was shocked, we didn't know that we could handle those Bombs even on our level. Those two 35s were previously 34s too. DRK NIN SAM THF COR WHM, we squished the Gazers like ants. The EXP gets significantly lower once someone hits 37, but that's not a hindrance, you can still get around 140ish per Gazer, which is still quite good IMO. I have the "little XP is better than no XP" mindset.

What I like about this camp is that it's usually open, taking advantage of stubborn parties who insist partying on Crawler's Nest or other more common camps. Just make sure your WHM is attentive in using Paralyna and not facing the Gazer and you'll be fine. I can even watch a movie on my TV while EXPing without any problems.