35-38 Crawler's Nest

* RDM or BRD advised. (for Dispel/Finale)
* If you have a NIN tank, a WHM with Erase will be very useful.
* Popular camp.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Worker Crawler
* Crawler
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Note that there is a level gap within the Worker Crawlers- the ones in the "sac" room where you drop down into are the higher level Worker Crawlers, and these are the ones you xp off.

Camp either in the sac room itself (in the middle of the Lizards), or just at the mouth of one (or two) of the surrounding tunnels. Practically all the surrounding tunnels have Worker Crawler pops in them, so if you do camp in a tunnel, be sure that you can handle any links.

Alternatively, there are a few campsites within the tunnels themselves that are relatively free of pops which you can also camp in.


kharvey10 said...

there are maze lizards you can chain as well. pull crawlers into lizard room and lizards into hallways. mages must face away from lizard to avoid baleful gaze and everyone but the one that has hate needs to attack from behind to avoid plaguebreath. unless you got a PL with stona, have the person that has hate on lizard to turn their back to it

Hohito said...

We had a full party of level 37s start out here agsinst the workers and we got good exp right until four of us hit 38 and then exp dropped below 100. fyi.

Josie said...

You should really upgrade the camp guides that "require" Red Mage / Bard to include the other jobs with Dispel - namely Corsair (post 30) and Blue Mage. As COR 54 I've so far been fully capable of dispelling Crawler or Crab exp mobs.

Akeda said...

Corsair can't dispel until 40 when t they get Quick Draw and must have Dark Cards.

A Scholar can also dispel at 30 under Addendum: Black. If the SCH is main healer, don't expect them to dispel though as the Addendum requires a Stratagem charge.