70-75 Lufaise Meadows (Manaburn)

* All party members require Chains of Promathia.
* All party members require Tavnazian Archipelago access.
* BRD/NIN recommended.
* Mobs are very difficult to Sleep.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Abraxas
* Roc
* Aggro to Sight
* Linking
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light
* Strong against Wind

Primary: Tavnazian Ram *see comments
* Ram
* Aggro to Sight
* Linking
* Strong against Ice

Because Abraxas have very fast attacks, it's quite likely that your Bard puller will die if he/she does not come equipped with a /NIN subjob. A RDM puller can possibly survive through other tricks like Gravity. This place is actually pretty nice for manaburning, since mobs here are very plentiful (5 minute repops). As a manaburn party though, you may want to consider camping at the more northern camp, tucked away in a corner by the fence. This not only gives you easy access to the mobs that spawn around you, but also lets the BLMs nuke at the Abraxas below where you are camping for longer chains.

Once things get flowing, it's easy to get Chain #7 or #8 here. You can push things a little and get a Chain #10 if your puller is very good. Manaburning here at a fairly relaxed rate nets approximately 7500xp/hr.

Be careful on pulls though, since Abraxas are the devil to Sleep, even with capped Enfeebling Magic and +Enfeebling Magic skill. If anything, Lullaby may be able to sleep Abraxas links.

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