31-33 Beaucedine Glacier

* Fauregandi outpost level requirement is unfortunately, Level 35.
* Some way to claim that is not magic-based recommended. ((see notes)

Target mob:
Master: Rime Gigas
Pet: Gigas's Tiger
Pet Level Range: 33-35
Approximate HP: 280-350hp
* Tiger
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Thunder
* Strong against Ice

Other aggressive mobs:
* Gigas (Sight)
* Tundra Tiger (Sight)
* Ice Elemental (Magic)

Other linking mobs:
* Tundra Tiger (Sight)

Gigas's Tigers make for very nice xp, although actually getting to camp is rather troublesome as the Fauregandi outpost isn't available to you until level 35. Personally, I just found it easier to run here from East Ronfaure, through the Ranguemont Pass.

There are two notable camps throughout the glacier, although the safest one by a considerable margin is at (I-9). Just at the bottom of the slope is an opening with one (hopefully "Rime") Gigas and one Tundra Tiger.

For the more daring soloists, Mirror Pond all the way to the northeast, has two Gigas, both of which have the potential to be Rime Gigas, so you can get some higher chains there. However, Ice Elementals also spawn in the vincinity during blizzards, so if you want to solo here, it's better to have some way to pull a mob that isn't magic-based.

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