52-55 Uleguerand Range

* All party members require Chains of Promathia.
* Paralyna required.
* Popular NPC Fellow spot.
* Supports 2 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Variable Hare (52-53)
* Rabbit
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Water
* Weak against Thunder
* Weak against Darkness

Primary: Uleguerand Tiger (53-55)
* Tiger
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Fire
* Weak against Thunder
* Strong against Ice

The Variable Hares in the Uleguerand Range act as a nice bridge between Garlaige Citadel and Kuftal Tunnel. In fact, the Uleguerand Tigers are the same levels as the Robber Crabs in Kuftal, so a party can easily made the transition to the higher level mobs here. Make sure to keep the mages well away from the mob though- both the Rabbits and Tiger have AoE effects (Whirl Claws and Roar) that you really want to keep off the mages.

The camp closest to the zone is more for the higher level parties who want to xp off Tigers, while the camp on the down slope is for the lower level parties that want to xp off the rabbits. Because of collateral damage from AoEs, you don't really want two camps in either spot.

In addition, take care when pulling Tigers at night, since their spawn points are shared with Cwn Annwn (undead Hound mobs) at night. If you're pulling on the down slope, Rabbits can be found on the lower area, although watch for aggro from the surrounding Buffalos and Bombs, although they are very spaced out.


Lishje said...

I would like to add, that I exp'd here as Bst, 60-62 or so. anyway, the Rabbits here do *NOT* link. Amazingly, >.> They'll just watch thier friends die.

Tigers on the other hand.. they do everything.. Aggro, link, eat your face off.

Ganiman said...

This place does not work at level 51. Not with your average party anyway. 53 would be a much better starting level in this zone IMHO.

Kusai said...

Yeah... 53 is much more of a realistic level to be here... even 52, but that's gotta be a bare minimum. Just brought my static here at 51, normally a very very fast moving static... took us like 7 minutes to kill a bunny.

Kitty said...

Ah damn i guess this means i have to get CoP >.<;;

Maldra said...

I disagree. My static pt went here at lvl 50 and owned the mobs. We fought bats and bunnies mostly, with the occasional tiger when a bst or someone would steal a bunny. went from 50->52 in about 2 hours. No PL.

Highly reccommend /nin here because of the rabbit's aoe move.

Anonymous said...

my static came here as a lvl 51 party as well. it was a lil rough when we first stered but, because we're so awesome (lol i have to bost), we did fairly well. we all hit 56 here and loved the rarerity that people used this camp.

Anonymous said...

I just partied here. 52-53 party, PLD DRK SAM BLM WHM SMN. That seems like about the minimum level to camp here comfortably. EXP was fine, but it felt like if we were a level lower it would be rough.

We pulled everything: rabbits, tigers, those unpronounceable undead things, snolls, even buffalo.

I wouldn't recommend buffalo. They have a ton of HP and take forever to kill. However, hounds were fine, and even snolls if you have a good stunner. (Okay, we had some deaths on those, but they do go down fast due to Berserk.)

I enjoyed this camp, mainly because I love camps with diversity in mobs. Keeps things interesting, even if it gets people killed. ^^