69-72 Ro'Maeve

* All members require some Silent Oils.
* RDM recommended.
* At least one member must have a Key Item: Moongate Pass to camp at the inner camps. *see comments.
* Supports 6 parties.

Fields of Valor:
Book: (G/H-6), (H-11)
Page 4:
6x Apocalyptic Weapon, 1x Darksteel Golem (1540xp/gil)
Page 5:
6x Infernal Weapon, 1x Darksteel Golem (1540xp/gil)

Target mobs:
Primary: 2nd-tier Weapons
* Weapon
* Aggro to Sound
* Aggro to Magic
* Not Linking
* Weak against Fire
* Slight resistance against all other elements (+12.5% Magic Def)

Apocalyptic Weapon (WAR)
Infernal Weapon (RDM)

Primary: Darksteel Golem
* Golem
* Aggro to Sight
* Aggro to Magic
* Not Linking

It used to be that you required a Key Item: Moongate Pass in order to xp off the Infernal and Apocalyptic Weapons here, although an update has since changed to weapons outside the two moongates to support two additional camps at (B-10) and (M/N-10), which have plenty of Weapons to pull. Just be careful not to get aggro from the dolls though.

That being said, it is recommended that you party inside, simply because it also gives you access to the occasional Darksteel Golem to end a chain with. The area inside the moongates, commonly referred to as "{moon}", is split into two disjoint halves, and each half is further subdivided into two connected halves. Each "quarter" of moon can comfortably support one party each with a little bit to spare. Pretty much any empty room will suffice for a camp, but it's generally safer to stick to the rooms on the outer rim of moon.

You may get the occasional magic aggro from the weapons wandering by as you xp though, so keep those Sleeps and Lullabys handy.

However, you do need a moongate pass to access moon (for obvious reasons). For details on how to obtain your moongate pass, I've written an entry over on my blog which you can find here.

Infernal Weapons are RDM mobs, and as such, have a lot of buffs that need to be taken care of, hence having a Red Mage is highly desirable because of the low recast time on Dispel, that and being able to land a Silence on Infernal Weapons more reliably.

Also note that 72 isn't really a hard cap on the area. The Darksteel Golems still con VT to a Level 75 character, and so you can actually xp here all the way to 75. However, there are just better places to xp at 73, which is why that 'cap' is there.

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Ayrlie said...

although the weapons do link, they have a very small hearing range (less than 5') and mostly the issue is the RDM on the outside of the room buffing the WAR that you're fighting. this doesn't mean the RDM had linked, but if they become persistent you might as well bring them in and sleep them.