45-47 Quicksand Caves

* Echo Drops highly recommended for mages/NINs/PLDs.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Sand Spider (45-46)
* Spider
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice

Primary: Helm Beetle (45-46)
* Beetle
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light

Primary: Antica (45-47)
* Antica
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Wind
* Very Strong against Earth
* Very Strong against Darkness

It's been said that two parties can camp here, but with only five Helm Beetle spawns in total, that is very unlikely.

Start with the Spiders and Beetles, and as people advance in levels, upgrade to Antica. White mages need to Erase a Spider Web's slow before reapplying Haste, and should take care to stay out of the Antica's Jamming Wave move (AoE Silence). The repop timer on Helm Beetles is not quick enough to just xp off them alone (assuming your party is good), so you will need to mix in the occasional Spider as well.

With Antica, Sand Trap is a hate reset, so take care in the few seconds right after a Sand Trap goes off while your tank re-establishes hate.


Ayrlie said...

there is another camp at D-5 by that zoneline involving beetles and antica. just hug right wall after zoning and take the right drop. everyone will need sneak to access the area. you may need some carby pulling at first, too.

Anonymous said...

watch when taking spider they can hit you for 645hp at lvl 46. the hit you with a thing called sickle slash

Anonymous said...

I was just at this camp as a 45 NIN @7k to 46. I left over an hour later @300 to 44.

With capped Ninjutsu I was getting resisted on everything by the beetles. Kurayami: Ni didn't stick three times I tried it once fight. Jubaku: Ichi didn't stick either. Nobody bothered to try and stick the white/black magic versions of the spells either.

The WHM sucked horribly. I had Haste around half the time. I didn't get any cures until my HP was about 200/700. And ended up dying on two out of three beetles before HPing and disbanding party.

I'm not sure if this camp would be better 46-48, or if my support was just completely incompetent, or, more likely, both. The fights took forever.

Daba Mylord said...

In a personal note, I avoided the spiders completely and took on Beetles and Antica on LV 45-47. That time our WHM was incompetent and didn't keep our PLD tank healthy, and Sickle Slash ate away 500-700 HP (PLD kept getting interrupted while attempting to curing himself). He survived the 500 damage one but got decapitated on the 700. Bringing a NIN here is not a good idea if you plan to take on Spiders, so if you have a PLD tank, make sure his/her HP is 800 or above and keep the Spider paralyzed

Hawklord2112 said...

just spent 90 mins here with an all JP party - DNC/NIN, RDM/WHM, NIN/WAR, BRD/WHM, MNK/WAR and me as BLU/RDM (don't ask...)
we were chaining quite merrily on the beetles with the odd Antican when there were no pops.

i have capped Blue Magic Skill and most of my Damage-Only spells were landing (bludgeon, Jet Stream) and it looked like about 50% of the debuffs (Sprout Smack, Head Butt and Wild Oats)

The RDM's debuffs however... didn't seem so good. I'm going to presume that he was capped skill wise (he was a fantastic RDM player..) so i guess the mobs have high resists.

md said...

We had a solid party here from 44 to 48. Once I hit 49 here, it was no longer tolerable. We stayed for about 2000 exp, then called it a night.

Paladin tank preferred. A Ninja will not be able to tank the Spiders well at all. If you have a Ninja, I'd focus on the Ants and Beetles.

@The Ninja who said enfeeblement wouldn't stick: I just did Raiton prior to casting Hojo to stick it. Also, Jubako stuck at least 90% of the time. Kuryami:Ni would miss, but Ichi would usually stick afterwards.


GibGezr said...

Tough camp, because of the spiders. They spawn in the camp, and link if you are fighting another spider...yuck. The sickle slash can be interupted (I found the PLDs "Bash" worked fairly well for this), but is a PLD killer if left unchecked, and the spiders often do special attacks like acid spray that interrupt the healing. The spiders hit hard, too, and their slow can again mess up the PLD's healing. I gained two levels here, but really the spiders were more pain than they were worth. As a PLD I had to work damn hard. I found refresh and spamming cure2/cure3 to be very important; get a BRD for your pt, and wear enmity + gear to help hold hate when your healers have to spam you to keep you above the 700 hp mark: fall below that and risk getting one-shotted by sickle slash!

Juan said...

The biggest problem here is links. Take care of spider links and pops. This is a very good camp, really old school brings me back to 2004. If the party has not been to spoiled by the easy camps of today this place will be lots of fun and a decent challenge to get some great exp. Best around level 45.